Some Options of Hotel Near Da Nang Airport

So, you have finally decided to come to Da Nang airport to visit the city. Now, where are you going to stay? No need to worry because there are quite a lot of hotels pretty close to the airport. Not to mention that transportation is quite easy so you shouldn’t find a problem travelling between the hotel and the airport, as well as other destinations. There are several different places and the option to try for different kinds of travellers.

Hotel Near Da Nang Airport

Satya Hotel Da Nang

If you want to stay in a modern and exclusive hotel, this one would be the perfect pick. It is around 2.5 kilometres from the airport and 100 kilometres from the city centre. Transportation is fairly easy and accessible and the ambience is just great. The location is convenient with exclusive property and complete facilities. You can enjoy rooms with AC, free WiFi (in all rooms), grocery delivery, daily housekeeping, and so much more. Enjoy the hot tub, indoor pool, yoga room, spa, and fitness centre if you want to relax. Even if you don’t go exploring outside, you will enjoy the offered amenities and facilities.

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Wings House

Hotel Near Da nang Airport - Wings House

If you are a budget traveller and you don’t want to spend your days in a big hotel, then Wings House would be right up your alley. It offers a homey atmosphere, making you feel at home. If you are travelling with your family, you can enjoy it – with the AC rooms, a kitchenette, and also a terrace. Only located 1 kilometer away from the airport, a lot of people claim that the hotel is easily accessed on foot. If you want to go to a mall, the Indochina Riverside Mall is only 2.7 kilometres away. Remember, transportation is easy so you can explore the area anytime you want it to.

Vanda Hotel

Vanda Hotel

This is another modern and exclusive hotel if you want to splurge in comfort. Only located 2 kilometres away from the airport, the hotel offers complete and modern facilities. After all, it is a 4-star hotel so expect to get improved service and quality. You can enjoy free WiFi, souvenir shop, daily housekeeping, plasma TV, AC rooms, and so much more. Feel free to try the sauna, massage service, indoor pool, fitness centre, and spa. With easy access to transportation, you are free to wander around.

Gia Bao Home Stay

The homestay is situated in Da Nang and the facilities are pretty complete too, including terrace (with garden view), AC rooms, and free WiFi. The airport is 2.6 kilometres away while the Indochina Riverside Mall is 3.7 kilometres. Want to explore the museum? There is the Cham Museum, which is 2.7 kilometres away. The home is 4 kilometres from the Song Han Bridge and also 4 kilometres from Love Lock Bridge. All of the units have their kitchens and dining areas. If you like to cook your meal, this would be an ideal pick. You can also enjoy the airport shuttle service for a small fee.

Linh’s House

Vanda Hotel

This is another home stay-type which would be perfect for families. It is only 1 kilometre from the airport so it is very easy to reach. If you want to, you can spend 11 minutes walking to reach the place. It has its kitchen, seating and dining area, and also terraces. Private bathroom with AC rooms is available too.

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Da Nang Brilliant Hotel

The 4-star hotel isn’t only exclusive but also fun! It’s 2.5 kilometres from the airport but it is close to other attractions in the city, such as Han Market, Chicken Church, and others. Just like other exclusive modern hotels, this one also offers AC rooms, WiFi connection, indoor pool, fitness centre, and more.

If you are ready to come to Da Nang and explore the area, make sure to plan and reserve everything. Don’t forget to reach for managing your flights and choose carriers like Vietjet Air or Vietnam Airlines.

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