Some Recommended Hotels Near Phuket International Airport

Finding the right accommodation to spend your time can be challenging and complicated. Naturally, everyone wants to stay in a comfortable and clean hotel. What if you have a very early flight at Phuket airport? Or you may have just arrived at the airport and you need a place to stay not far from it? No need to worry, there are some options and alternatives to try close by. They are all exclusive – each of them is offering their own services and signature features. All of them are offering similar traits, generally, the best service and the most comfortable setting.

Perennial Resort

Hotel Phuket Airport - Perennial Resort

If you are looking for a peaceful and private accommodation that isn’t far from the beach, this hotel will be the perfect option. It is located on the northern area of Phuket shore. Mai Khao beach is only 4 minutes away on foot while Nai Yang beach is only 6 minutes away. Sirinat National Park is 14 minutes away on foot. If you want to travel farther, you can use a car and it only takes minutes. It is 5 minutes driving away from Phuket airport and 10 minutes driving away to Jungle Water Splash amusement park. If you want to choose the non-smoking villas, there are some of them available within the property. Each room has cable TV, AC, modern and simple design, and other amenities.

The Slate

Hotel Phuket Airport - The Slate

If you want to relax and deal with the travel exhaustion in the most comforting manner, this place should be in your go-to list. The villa is modern, tranquil, and beautiful. It has an exotic design and peaceful atmosphere. It is only 2.3 kilometres away from Phuket airport, which makes it easy to reach and access. Moreover, if you are bored with the swimming pool, ponds, or barbeque bar at the villa, you can always go to the nearby beaches of Nai Thon, Nai Yang, Splash Jungle amusement park, and Sirinat National Park.

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Dewa Phuket Hotel

Hotel Phuket Airport - Dewa Phuket Hotel

What’s special about this hotel is that it is located in Nai Yang beach with its beautiful view and never-ending entertainment. You can enjoy the sun and waves during the day while enjoying the friendly and fun nightlife during the night. The nightlife isn’t busy or loud – it is just enough to spark up interest to wander the area. Since it is within Nai Yang beach, it takes the only 1-minute walk to reach the beach. The hotel also provides bikes for free (for hotel guests only) so you can borrow one and explore the area. Sirinat National Park is only 5 minutes walk away – so you can reach it faster with the bike. Phuket airport is 5 minutes drive – and you can use the available airport shuttle or pickup service

Proud Phuket

Hotel Phuket Airport - Proud Phuket

This is another exclusive and comfortable hotel not far from Phuket airport. It only 4 minutes drive so it is pretty convenient. The room is modern and luxurious with all the right amenities and facilities, such as a computer station. It is also close to Sirinat National Park – only 5 minutes walk. However, it may not be close to beaches which can be a problem if you want to go to the beaches during your stay.

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Basically, there are still more options for hotels that aren’t really far from the airport. As you can see, there are so many options for hotels that are close to the airport so you shouldn’t be confused about where to go. If you are planning to come to Phuket, plan everything from now. Phuket airport also serves many cheap but professional air flights like Air Asia. Go to Airpaz and find other alternative options and start your reservation.


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