Being able to have a holiday around the world becomes a dream of many people. But not everyone can realize his dream because to travel to various countries requires a large fee. The budget can be calculated from the preparation, departure, accommodations, entry to tourist attractions, meal, and souvenirs. Everything costs a lot of money, so it takes a long time to save money.

Know the Ways to Travel the World for Free

Exploring the world becomes scary for some people because new things will be discovered. Moreover, traveling around the world without having to pay, as usual, it will give a sense of pessimism to do it. But for those of you have a strong desire and like the challenges of traveling around the world without having to pay a fee, of course, you should try. Here is the way to get it.

1. Become a Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Knowing lots of great tourist destinations allows you to become a tour guide. You can do this work personally or join a trusted travel agent. The more experience you have in this profession, the more opportunities you have to go out of town and even abroad.

2. Participate in Volunteer Programs Abroad


Traveling around the world without having to pay for transportation, food, lodging, etc. you can get easily. Use your energy to pay for it all. You can join WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). and many more companies that provide it.

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3. Become an Archaeologist and Researcher

Archaeologist and Researcher

Furthermore, researching historical places or sites or conducting research on science will provide opportunities to go abroad free of charge. This job is very challenging because you have to meet with natives to get information. Besides, you could be researching forest areas, open seas, to remote villages.

4. Become a Reporter


Looking at the news channel on TV, you know that the news is usually sent directly from that place by a reporter. This will make it easy for you to try visiting various countries in the world. But it’s not all easy, you have to be a superior reporter with the ability to master certain languages ​​so that he will be sent for coverage abroad.

5. Become Photographer


Liking Photography allows the culprit to be able to move from city to city, province to province, even continent to continent. The work of capturing moments in the form of photos gives a fairly high salary. This will provide a great opportunity especially with various social media that require unique photos and provide a high aesthetic element. Various foreign brands always hold events and competitions that you can take part in and get prizes.

6. Become a Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

This profession is already familiar to everyone. Being a flight attendant is a job that will always travel to visit various places, including countries. You can visit various countries besides that the salary is fairly large so making the selection to get this job is rather difficult.

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7. Become a Blogger/Vlogger Travel

Vlogger Travel

Technological developments make it easy for you to realize your desire to go around the world for free. Write your experience in the form of a blog or vlog with content that is as attractive as possible and must be consistent. This should be your hobby because there will never be a company that will pay you for a walk before many people enjoy and appreciate your work.

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