Southeast Asia Cuisines That Can’t Be Missed

In fact, one of the characteristics of a country is the food that it has. Each country usually has at least one signature food that’s unique and identical to the local people or culture, including the ones in the Southeast Asian region. They have a variety of famous dishes. In addition, Southeast Asia food often becomes a culinary attraction for tourists from various other countries.

Take a Closer Look at Mouth-Watering Cuisines in Southeast Asia

The country’s cuisine in Southeast Asia represents a fusion of culinary influences from India and China, integrated into a wide variety of local food habits. The hallmark of Southeast Asia food is the abundance of tropical fruits, the diversity of culinary herbs and spices, as well as the importance of rice as a staple food.

The followings are several foods from Southeast Asia that you must try. Some of them are the most popular names, and of course all of them will make you droll. What are these foods? Let’s get to know one by one.


Cuisines - Southeast-Asia-Food-Rendang

The first food came from Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia has a very famous food, which is Rendang. This dish is famous for its delicacy, and it is proven by the selection of Indonesian Rendang as one of the most delicious foods according to CNN’s version.

Well, Rendang is a meat-based food made from Indonesian spices. This one has a very strong aroma and taste. Moreover, the dish is also synonymous with Minangkabau people in West Sumatra. It is definitely Asian food to try.

Fish Amok


Next, there is Fish Amok as the most popular Cambodian food. It looks like pudding, but it has a savory taste because it is made of fish. What makes the taste unique is the addition of slok ngor, a Cambodian spice that tastes slightly bitter. This Fish Amok is served in a banana leaf container.

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Banh Xeo


If you look for the most famous Southeast Asia food dessert, the Vietnamese Banh Xeo is the answer. It is a warm pancake fried that’s made of rice flour, turmeric powder, and water. It usually comes with prawns, scallions, green beans, bean sprouts, ground beef, and various kinds of fillings according to your taste.

Crispy Pata


For pork fans, have you ever tried eating pork served with the whole leg? If you are curious, try to taste Crispy Pata, a traditional Filipino dish. It is the front of pork leg that’s deep-fried. The texture is crunchy on the skin, and soft on the inside.

Bak Kut Teh


The so-called Bak Kut Teh is a soup of bony pork cooked with spices and additional ingredients. The spices used include cinnamon, pepper, Kandis acid, cloves, dang gui, angco, and various Chinese medicines. The additional ingredients are usually bean sprouts, mushrooms, and sesame seeds.

It cannot be regarded as the typical Southeast Asia food because Bak Kut Teh is commonly found in countries with populations of Chinese descent, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Khao Soi


As the name suggests, the popular Thailand Khao Soi is made of sliced noodles. Therefore, the cooking process is slightly different from common noodles. You should cook the noodle dough with a cloth then roll it with scissors, and cut it. Next, pour the noodles into coconut milk with a variety of delicious fillings.



Another unique South East Asia food is Ambuyat from Brunei Darussalam. This food is made of sago flour. It should also be eaten warm and kept cold. It is a local dish of Brunei Darussalam, and people use it like rice in Japan.
Well, to enjoy this Southeast Asia food, you need to prepare some side dishes. The typical dishes served with Ambuyat include fish, meat, and vegetables, depending on your taste.

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Pan Mee


Pan Mee is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia, which is usually made by hand. To make it, the ingredients are easy, and you just mix the flour, eggs, water, and salt then knead the mixture until it forms a dough and becomes noodles.
There are two types of wet noodles that are familiar in the market, namely Pan Mee Thick (noodles in form of straight flat blocks with thick and large sizes), and Pan Mee Thin (noodles in form of straight flat blocks with thinner and smaller sizes). These noodles are usually served mixed with fresh soup.

Aside from those foods above, there are actually many more delicious and unique Southeast Asian dishes that you should try. In the last decade, Southeast Asia food has become increasingly popular around the world for its delicacy. Are you ready to travel around Southeast Asia to try those mouthwatering foods? Well, It is easy. Just start booking the flight tickets and hotels online on for safe and reliable transactions. You can also order via the Airpaz apps. Surely, there are daily exclusive offers that it provides. So, what are you waiting for?


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