Be Careful When Traveling In Southern Thailand

Malaysian police have launched a warning for the people who are going to travel to Thailand, especially to the southern Thailand.

The warning is revealed by Kelantan police since the visits to the area may not be a good idea recently.

There is still chaos condition in the southern province of Thailand and the police don’t want another Malaysian becomes the next victims of the turmoil.

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Warning after a Malaysian’s Shot

The travel warning was stated by the police chief of Kelantan named Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan.

However, he said that the travelers were not forbidden if they really needed to travel to southern Thailand.

The warning launched because the police don’t want another Kelantanese becomes the victim of the chaos.

It is because someone from Kelantan was shot by a stray bullet some days ago in an area called Takbai.

The incident happened to a 46 years old man named Wan Mohd Zain W. Hussain. He was a resident of KampungKetil, Tumpat.

The fatal shot of a stray bullet happened in Kampung Cek He, Takbai when he was at the checkpoint. A group of armed men was known as the shooter of the civilian.

The incident happened at 9.30 pm. In that time, the victim was going to pass the checkpoint. He and a partner rode a motorcycle and he sits on the passenger seat.

Then the four armed men in the group that rode a pickup car started shooting at the policemen in the checkpoint. Then one bullet fatally shot him.

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Unconducive Situation in Southern Thailand

When he was met after the closing event of the University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corp Decade Program, the police chief said that the situation in the area hasn’t been conducive yet.

That’s why he warned other Malaysians to avoid traveling to Southern Thailand, so no more victim from his country.

The conflict in the southern Thailand has been lasting for a quite long time. It is caused by a group of people who try to do rebelling activities in the area.

Since the chaos hasn’t finished yet, it is better to avoid the area. Choose another place that is safer and offering more interesting attractions.

You can choose to go to the other safe areas of Thailand or to the neighboring countries with beautiful views and amazing attractions too.

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Traveling is easy now.



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