What Facts do I Need to Know about the Statue of Liberty, a Gift From the French?

If you haven’t visited America even once, make sure to put this country on your bucket list. To be exact, you should try and visit the Statue of Liberty—a renowned landmark which has become the thing you can associate the USA with. If you are curious what things you can do there instead of just seeing the statue (well, we know it’s boring just to see it for hours), you’ve come to the right article.

What to Do in the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty  America statue of liberty  liberty statue  NYC  New York City
The statue of Liberty in New York City, USA

For some people, visiting monuments are things at their least priority, but nothing if they are talking about the Statue of Liberty. Why so?

First, there are a lot of people that know this landmark. If you want to brag a bit to your friend, visiting this place will sound like a great idea since your friend will surely know about the place, just like they know Paris’ Eiffel or Pisa’s leaning tower.

The second reason to visit it is that the monument has a lot to offer. From the monument itself to the museum around the complex, you can visit it with an intention to learn. Surely this will be a great investment to have—your knowledge about America will increase as well.

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The History of Liberty Statue

Statue of Liberty  America statue of liberty  liberty statue  NYC  New York City
The Statue of Liberty is also was a gift from the French people during the alliance at the American Revolution

You may wonder why the Statue of Liberty is built. The idea of making a monument started back then in 1865, and it was not the nation’s idea to get this monument. Instead, it was a Frenchman’s idea, whose name was Edouard de Laboulaye.

The idea of gifting a monument can be a surprising one if it’s taking place in the modern day. But not back then. The monument was basically a gift from France for the United States of America for its 100th independence declaration. Of course, the monument was intended to mark the close friendship between the two nations.

Then, why is the liberty statue? The idea of ‘liberty’ was taken seriously at that time the United States had successfully made its way to stop slavery in the nation. That’s why the Frenchman sculptor—Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, decided to choose this ‘main idea’ of the monument: Liberty Enlightening the World.

Now, what are those stuff you can see in the Statue of Liberty monumental complex? You can learn it through this explanation below.

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Unique Facts of Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty  America statue of liberty  liberty statue  NYC  New York City
There’s a lot of unique facts about the Statue Of Liberty

This New York liberty statue stores a lot of unique facts, which will be explained as follows:
• The crown on the lady’s head — what does this crown infer? Turns out this crown’s spikes cover a symbolism: its spikes symbolize the light that extends and reach every place in the world
• There is a tablet on the left hand of the lady. There, you can see that July 4, 1776, was sculptured there, which takes notes of the nation’s celebration from slavery. The date was inscribed in the Roman numerical system.
• You may not be able to see it from afar, but there is a broken restraint as well as chains at the Statue of Liberty’s foot.
• Initially, the lady which now is the figure of Libertas was a female Arab peasant. But due to some changes, the black woman was then turned from that Arab peasant to this robed Roman goddess.

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Things to do around the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty  America statue of liberty  liberty statue  NYC  New York City
You can do a lot of things when you visit the Statue Of Liberty and gain more knowledge about it

As a monumental complex, it will be weird if the place doesn’t offer lots of things to do. To say it briefly, things you can do around the complex of this monument are related to the study of the monument itself. It means the main attraction in this tourism spot is its educational tourism.

To mention some, there are these things you can do there:
• Watching the documentary about the making of the Statue of Liberty. You can start by picking up brochures, guides, as well as a site map. Then, head to watch the documentary. If needed, you may ask the staff members regarding the statue—they will help you gladly.
• Liberty Island’s audio tour. The self-guided tour isn’t fun. That said, you can try to have an audio tour to Liberty Island. The audio comes in several languages, and if you bring a child you don’t have to worry about that as well. The fee is also scrumptious for your wallet.
• Observatory and promenade tour. For this one, your tour will be guided by a ranger. Enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor, and you will ask for no more. The camera will surely have to capture something during the tour. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.

With all said, making a step to check this site during your visit to America would be a nice thing to do, especially if you love educational trips. However, you may be burdened with the plane ticket and the accommodation to stay.

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