Effective Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

The challenge of working at home is to conquer our laziness and get out of our comfort zone. Usually home is the place for taking a rest and gathering with the family, but this time, during the pandemic, you may have to work from home as your company instructed. Here are effective ways to stay productive when you working from home.

Stay Fresh and Professional

working from home - stay professional

You have to be fresh every day and just do your routine like before. Professionally going to work, take a bath in the morning, shaved, and put on your clean clothes even if you’re working from home. You don’t need to wear a formal suit, but at least you feel fresh and comfortable in your fresh clothes. If you have a formal meeting, you can provide a shirt near you to be worn later at the meeting time. Also, have a cup of coffee or breakfast as usual before you start working from home.

Build a Workspace

Build a workspace

You don’t need to build a new room or spend a lot of money to build a workspace. A workspace means a set of furniture that can be used for working. You also don’t need to buy new furniture if you can use the things available at your home. Just choose some spot at your home and make it as your permanent workspace. For example, you use your dining table for working. Set it free from the people and the dish in certain hours outside the mealtime. By doing so, people will understand that now that place is your workspace.

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Set a Schedule

set a schedule

A schedule is an important tool to manage your time during working from the home period. Just follow your working hours as well as the break time. Stick to the schedule helping you to avoid distractions, get the work done based on the target, and the timeline, which makes the people around you understand when they cannot disturb you. It also manages your communication with clients, so that your clients won’t reach you outside the working hours although you are at home.

Set the Boundaries

set a boundary

It is not easy to set boundaries if you still have toddlers or young kids, they won’t understand the concept of professionalism. They just know Dad is at home which means Dad can play with them. Therefore, you have to give them some understanding that now you work at home at certain hours and you can’t be disturbed at that time. You can also say to them that if Dad is sitting in this chair or this room means they can not play with Dad. They still can talk or communicate important things, though.

If your workspace has a door, it is better to close the door because your little one will think that you are ready to play if you open the door. This boundary doesn’t mean you isolate yourself from your family, it just gives them a better understanding to help you focus working. That’s why, when you have a break, you should meet them immediately and do anything with them. By doing this, the family will know that you don’t isolate yourself, it’s just the time for working.

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Avoid Cosy Place

avoid cozy place

Working from home also influences your mood swing, because your home is the place for resting and entertaining yourself before. Therefore, you have to avoid working in a comfortable place such as your bed because it can make you feel to sleep faster. If it happens, your target or your working timeline will be postponed and it’s not good to procrastinate in this difficult time.

Staying productive when you work at home gives an advantage to your family to know how you work hard for them. You and your family will respect each other and you can promise them a good holiday after the pandemic. Don’t forget you book from Airpaz or you can download it on Android or IOs to book the flight easier and plan your holiday sooner.


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