Stay Safe when Visiting Japan and Taiwan

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Source: Travel Wire Asia
Source: Travel Wire Asia

Have you heard the recent news about Japan and Taiwan? The government of both countries is getting busy handling the measles outbreak. Recently, about 67 people in Japan are confirmed being affected by the disease and even thousand lives living in Kaohsiung city are quarantined. What about people from the outside? Well, visitors are asked to put off their visits.

What is Measles?

Measles is a very infectious disease affecting the respiratory system. Though it does not really affect adults, it can be deathful for children and even cause miscarriage. If someone gets measles, he may likely develop some symptoms including a cough, runny nose, irritated eyes, a high fever and rash. In the worst situation, the disease can cause two complications, i.e. pneumonia and brain inflammation. Kids with the low immunity are vulnerable. Therefore, vaccination is usually given when someone is still a kid.

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Measles Outbreak in Japan and Taiwan

According to the records, the current outbreak of measles occurring in Taiwan is at its highest level in 9 years. The first case started when a 30 years old man, which is a Taiwan flight attendant of Tigerair, after going back from Thailand. The late diagnose has resulted in some other two crew cabin also having measles infection when taking the flight to Okinawa, Southern Japan.

The wider spread of measles is unavoidable since Okinawa is a popular destination among of tourists from Taiwan. They are also likely getting infected and carrying the virus back to their country. No wonder both Japanese and Taiwanese governments alert everyone who travels in and out of the countries to get vaccinated to prevent the worst situation.

Have You Got MMR Vaccine?

It is good if you have not booked any flight to Japan or Taiwan. You can keep your money for now. But it does not mean you can’t really go there. It is still possible, as long as you have good body immune. You should get the MMR vaccine when you were the kid. If not, you really have to get a shot to keep yourself from catching the measles.

So, you have checked your medical record and are confident enough with your immunity. It means you have no worries visiting the countries. Now, let us take a look at the flight deals at Airpaz. Many people may still postpone their plans to visit Japan and Taiwan. You will find many attractive offers, even if you want to go after the measles epidemic subsides and the situation is stated to be safe.

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