11 Destinations for Your Amazing 2022 Summer Travel

Do you have a plan for summer travel after a very long cold season? There are some destinations to go to for your best summer holiday. You need to find new summer experiences, offers, and events.

What are the ten best travel destinations to go to for your summer holiday? Here are just a few of the various experiences available in destinations all around the world this summer:

1. Go to Australia for a Summer Holiday

One of the perfect locations for your summer travel is Whitsundays Beach, Queenstown, Australia
Whitsundays Beach, Queenstown, Australia

Where to travel when you are in Australia? Destinations such as Cairns, the gateway to Queensland’s tropical north, Port Douglas, and Hamilton Island will be warm enough to swim in and see the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

Another must-see here is the Whitsundays, a 74-island archipelago off Queensland’s coast that sits right on a reef.

This time of year, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, home to the massive red sandstone monolith formerly known as Ayers Rock, is also a terrific spot to visit.

2. Visit Singapore

Pulau Ubin in Singapore
Pulau Ubin in Singapore

Singapore, which consists of one main island and more than 60 other islands off the coast of the Malay Peninsula, is one of the world’s smallest and most densely inhabited countries. Here are some top destinations in Singapore to visit:

  • Both Pulau Ubin, a 6.2-mile stretch of open green space that runs over the hills of Singapore’s most famous parks and gardens, and Southern Ridges, a 6.2-mile stretch of open green space that stretches over the hills of Singapore’s most famous parks and gardens, are located in the city.
  • The Deverana Spa at Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore offers wellness treatments and massages.

Singapore can be chosen as one of the best travel destinations for your summer holiday plan.

3. Visit Israel, the Sacred Island

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Israel, a land revered by many religions around the world, has many outstanding attractions. You must go to some interesting tourist places in Israel, such as:

  • The Red Sea
    The Red Sea beach resort of Eilat is one of them. The Dead Sea; and Masada, a steep castle that served as the Jewish stronghold during their struggle against the Romans.
  • The Holy City of Jerusalem
    The holy city of Jerusalem, which is nearly the same area as New Jersey, is well worth visiting, as is Tel Aviv, a vibrant and cosmopolitan Mediterranean city. and the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water in the New Testament Bible account.

Breakfast in Israel is famous for its variety, which includes everything from vegetable salads, hummus, cheese, and fish to eggs, bread, and pastries.

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4. Visit Santorini and Mykonos in Greece

The view of Santorini from a pool
The beautiful view of Santorini from a pool

Greece is one of the top 10 vacation spots that you must visit. With low baggage limits and a rising number of direct flights from the United States, Greece, particularly its islands, is particularly appealing this summer.

Santorini and Mykonos are popular summer travel destinations, and Crete, Greece’s largest island, can be combined with either. On the mainland, the Peloponnese peninsula is known for its ancient ruins and modern wineries, while Zakynthos boasts some magnificent Greek beaches.

The Kalesma Mykonos and Cali Mykonos, both due to debut in July, are two new hotels in Mykonos worth seeing. Katie Link, a Greek travel consultant with Embark Beyond, advises guests to be wary of fraudulent websites that sell accommodations in the area.

5. Visit the Romantic Country, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Outside of the capital, Paris, this perennially popular European country offers a variety of attractions and adventures this summer. The Cosquer Mediterranée, located in Marseille, is a full-scale reproduction of the prehistoric Cosquer Cave, complete with murals and reliefs.

6. Visit the Queen’s Land, Great Britain

Buckingham Palace, England

The platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, which began in February, will be celebrated until early autumn. So, what are some tourist places to visit?

  • Buckingham Palace
    The Queen’s Birthday Parade in London and the lighting of beacons at Buckingham Palace and across the UK will be among the special festivities on June 2.
  • The Tower of London
    The Tower of London created the first permanent transformation of its moat into a new landscape by planting a beautiful field of millions of flowers. At Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Holyrood House Palace in Edinburgh, there will be special exhibitions of the Queen’s portraits, coronation gown and robe, and costumes.

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7. Visit the Panama Canal in Panama

Panama Canal

When you visit Panama, there will be some tourist attractions that you must visit, such as:

  • The Panama Canal
    The Panama Canal, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and created in the early twentieth century to shorten ship travel time between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is undoubtedly one of the most well-known sites in this Central American country.
  • The Baru Volcano National Park
    The Baru Volcano National Park in Chiriqui Province is a must-see for nature lovers. The volcano is Central America’s 12th tallest peak and is said to be the only site in the world where you can view both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at the same time on a clear day.
  • Coiba
    Visitors can also find incredible wildlife and world-class diving in Coiba National Park, located off the Pacific coast of the Gulf of Chiriqui.

8. Visit the Great Lakes

Voyage in the Viking Octantis Cruise
Voyage in the Viking Octantis Cruise

Viking River Trips is launching the Octantis, the company’s first ship specialized in adventure cruises, later this month.

It will have 378 seats and include lectures and exercise facilities, as well as an outdoor deck, a Jacuzzi, and pools. A laboratory where passengers can engage in the ship’s scientific research; four eateries; and two submarines, each with six seats.

9. Visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World is a dream-theme park in Orlando, Florida. It can be one of the best summer ideas for you and your family. This renowned resort, which kicked off its 50th-anniversary celebrations in October and will run until March 2023, has a slew of new activities.

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10. Visit New York, the Big Apple in the United States

Hard Rock Hotel in New York

The Big Apple, as usual, welcomes travelers with new hotels. The Hard Rock Hotel New York, located on the West 48th Block in Midtown Manhattan, pays homage to the recording studios and music stores that previously lined the street by providing live music in all public areas. On the 34th floor, there’s a bar and lounge, a New York Yankee-style steakhouse, a rock store, and guest-curated playlists.

11. Beautiful Summer Festivals in Montreal

Montreal Jazz Festival
Montreal Jazz Festival

One of its festivals is the Go Velo Festival for cyclists. The three-week-long Montreal Fringe Festival; the Moral Festival of International Graffiti Artists; a fireworks festival with six international pyrotechnics companies; and the Jazz Festival, an outdoor circus festival. Montreal Pride and the Fashion and Design Festival are two events that take place in the city.

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