Suvarnabhumi Airport–Bangkok’s Busiest 3-Star Airport

Bangkok has two international airports: Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport is the more popular one for domestic and international tourists. Every time you travel to Bangkok, you surely will land here. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge the facilities at every level as well as the facts about them at the airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

The terminal in Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi means Land of Gold in Thai. The airport receives the name because it’s built as a huge building with several floors and lots of facilities. These are some of the basic facts and information about Suvarnabhumi Airport that you should know:

Suvarnabhumi Airport Arrival Lounge

Take a rest or a nap in Suvarnabhumi Airport lounge

As the favorite part for the tourists, Suvarnabhumi Airport arrival lounge is supported by various amenities. It also has sleeping-friendly seats for exhausted tourists to relax or take a nap! Some of those comfortable couches are in a public area and some of them are private with a more silent pace. The seats are located near the prayer room, the B floor’s Subway, 7-eleven, and under the stairways. If you’d like to have a more private and undisturbed sleep, you can choose from the sleep boxes, a transit hotel at the airport, or other hotels around the airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotels


Rest zones are the most public set at the airport. It has some reclining leather chairs to comfort exhausted tourists. You can find these areas in Concourses B, D, and Airside. But if you want a more private room, you can these hotels within Suvarnabhumi Airport:


Suvarnabhumi Airport Boxtel 1

You can find the Boxtel near the Suvarnabhumi Airport Link Station. From the Basement Floor, go to the Airport Link and walk through the ticket area and shops for about 30 meters. Stop there and the Boxtel is on your left-hand side.

The rooms here are completed with the full bed and microgel blanket and pillow, air conditions, alarm clock, work desk, free WiFi, and key card access. It is a day-use room which costs 1,250 Bahts for 4 hours and you gotta share the restrooms.

Miracle Transit Hotel

Suvarnabhumi Airport Miracle Transit Hotel 1

You can find in the International Departures Hall, at Concourse G on the 4th floor. The hotel offers day rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites. It also supports salon, spa, sauna, free WiFi, and shops. For 6-hour rooms, it costs 2,960 Bahts and for the Suite room, 8-hour-rooms, Bed and Breakfast package are 7,250 Bahts. 

Avagard Capsule Hotel

Suvarnabhumi Airport Avgard Capsule Hotel 1

Avagard Capsule Hotel can be found on the B Floor at the Landside, Airport Rail Link. It’s under the hotel standard at glance, but it has five sound-proof capsules with a queen-size bed. Other amenities are USB charging sockets, free WiFi, temperature control, a locker, and reading lights. The price is 800 Bahts for 7 hours and 1900 Bahts for 15 hours.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminal

Suvarnabhumi Airport Terminals 1

The airport is built with 3 huge terminals. They look busy constantly the whole time, day and night. They are constructed side by side which makes it their attraction for the uniqueness. What facilities are on each terminal?

Terminal 1

It’s a place for international flights. There are 124 counters that will support the passengers’ needs for serving more than 30 various airlines. 

Terminal 2

It’s the second area for international flights with fewer counters that is 96 of them. It also handles 30 airlines.

Terminal 3

This one is for domestic flights which are located near Terminal 2 in a 500-meter distance. There is a connected route by free bus shuttle or walkways with air conditioners. It comes with 43 counters for domestic airlines.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Levels

Suvarnabhumi Airport Levels 1

Besides the terminals, this airport is also divided into many different levels. If you take a look at the layout, the arrangement is pretty simple. Domestic section is on the left while the international section is on the right. It applies on both arrivals and departures. The airport has 7 levels that have different functions and facilities:


The underground is designed for the train station.

Level 1

It deals with transportations so it is called the Bus Lobby. But actually, the transportations also includes taxis and vans. 

Level 2

It is for the arrival area for domestic and international flights (transfer). In this area, you can find the currency exchange, baggage services, VIS counter, health inspection, customs clearance, federal inspection, and the claim belts for 1 to 23.

Level 3

At this level, you can find shops, restaurants, duty-free shops, lounges, prayer rooms, VIP rooms, souvenir shop, currency exchange services, book shop, or transfers. 

Level 4

This area is for domestic and international departures. There are check-in counters (A – W), access to Concourse A – G, Thai Airways premium passenger services, domestic check-in (B – C Rows), international departures (D – W Rows).

Level 5

This level is for Thai Airways and Star Alliance. 

Level 6

Many kinds of restaurants you can find here to satisfy your hungry tummy here. Plus, it hosts the one-stop service area.

Level 7

This is for the observation deck where you can enjoy the outstanding views of the airport busy runway.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Facilities

Suvarnabhumi Airport Facilities 1

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is the best place for transit. Whether it is a layover or an overnight sleep, it feels pass through quickly because of its complete and comfortable facilities.

In general, the airport is supported by free Wi-Fi, lockers, comfortable lounges, mobile charging corners, hotels nearby, and 24-hour restaurants.  To get here you can take a taxi or train. Warn the taxi driver to use the meter for the fare.

If you take the train, go to Phaya Thai station and take BTS Skytrain. There, you may change to the airport train. 

It seems like the airport is an interesting place to explore right? In case you are planning a trip there and you will arrive here, some of the information can provide insight. Check out some Suvarnabhumi tourism if you’re ever stuck for hours on transit. If you want to manage and plan an affordable flight, you can check Airpaz. Happy traveling!

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