Different travellers have a different preference of where they are staying. Whereas some travellers prefer going to far-away places for the accommodation, others may like the hotels close to the airport. After all, staying close to the airport has its own perks. You won’t have to worry about your flights. You can also enjoy the easy transportation.

Hotel Near Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport

1. Suvarnabhumi Premier Best Western Amaranth Hotel

This hotel is pretty close to the airport. The cool thing about the service is that they also provide scheduled shuttle service from and to Suvarnabhumi airport. Besides the airport, they also provide other shuttle transportation to other major destinations, such as BITEC Convention Center or downtown Bangkok.

With 278 total rooms, this hotel has a conference room, gym, outdoor swimming pool, parking service, and room service for 24 hours. You can also expect WiFi access, top-notch key cards, babysitting and childcare service, and also currency exchange.


2. Suvarnabhumi Novotel Hotel

This four-star modern hotel is pretty close to the airport. It only takes 3 minutes on foot to reach the hotel. From the main terminal, you will find this underground walkway for 200 meters, and this walkway is pretty cool because of the AC. Use this walkway to reach the hotel.

The hotel has 612 rooms with greater aspects for recreation and relaxation. Designed as the premium hotel, you should be able to find four different restaurants and also a bar. Whether you like Asian or Western cuisine, you should have no problems finding your favourite dish there. The swimming pool is quite big, around 25 meters in size. But it’s not the only facilities found there. You can find a beauty salon, babysitting service, kid’s corner, spa, shopping arcades, and fitness garden.

The hotel is also pretty close to Pattaya beach – it is only one hour drive away. The rate is pretty expensive, starting at 3,380 baths per night. The price, though, includes additional extra and spa treatment.

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3. Grand Inn Come Hotel

The hotel is only 1.3 miles away from Suvarnabhumi airport, so it would be a great idea if you want to spend a night there. When you have to catch a flight, you won’t have to worry about missing the flight. The room is considerably spacious and the beds are comfortable. The overall setting is clean and nice, with friendly staff. The food is quite good although not amazing. The free WiFi and the free shuttle service are the pleasant addition to the entire service.

Non-smoking rooms, AC, and free parking should be expected from this hotel. The view is nice and the rate is pretty affordable. With 1,200 baths per night, you can enjoy a decent service allowing you to sleep and rest for your next flight.

4. Louis’ Tavern Dayrooms Transit Hotel

Unlike the regular hotels, this one is catered for the transit international flight passengers without them having to leave the airport. If your next flight is more than 5 hours away, for instance, and yet you want to sleep and rest without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the passers-by, then this transit hotel will suit your needs.

You can find the hotel in the International Departure area on the 4th floor. The rent is based on the hourly coverage. The staff will require you to provide the details of your check in (and out) time as well as the flight info. The room is quite cosy and comfy with mini bar, flight info monitor, TV, and internet access. Of course, you can also have a comfortable shower in the clean bathroom. You can also enjoy the beauty salon or barber service, sauna, and massage spa.

As you can see, there are a lot of options when you are travelling to Bangkok. Most importantly, there are so many different types of hotels that are located quite close to Suvarnabhumi airport – you can even find one at the airport! If you are planning your next travel there, contact Airpaz to manage your trip. They should help with the schedules and arrangements.

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