Suvarnabhumi International Airport Popular Attractions

Have you ever wondered what to do during the layover at an Suvarnabhumi International airport? It won’t be difficult to find activities to do if it is just less than an hour. You can take advantage of the free internet connection or play with your mobile phone. But, what are you going to do if you have to wait for hours?

Layover at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Layover at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest international airports in Thailand. the second one is Don Mueang International Airport. If you take a look at the architecture, you will see it one of the coolest transportation hub ever in the globe. The excellent facilities make this busy airport operational so convenient. The unique design even creates instagrammable spots. Well, it seems you can spend times for taking self-portraits. Want to know more?

Must to See Attractions Close to Suvarnabhumi International Airport for Sightseeing

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Making yourself busy is the best way to kill the time and avoid boredom. Why do not you just get out of the airport and taking a sightseeing tour? You can go yourself if you understand the map or join with the provided city tour service from the airport.

Here are the sightseeing options to choose:

1. Booking and organized transit tour

You can book a tour at the airport tour desk. There are 15 choices available ranging from 4 to 12 hours. They are including:

  • City and Temple Tour
  • Erawan Museum and Crocodile Farm
  • Erawan Museum and Ancient City
  • Grand Palace, Khlong Tour, Khlong Suan market and Wat Sathore Wararam WOrahihan
  • Shopping, Siam Ocean World and Siam Paragon Shopping Complex

2. Walking down Khao San Road

Titled as the backpacker capital of the universe, this road was known as a rice-market. But now, it turns to be a favourite shopping spot where a lot of vendors setting up their stalls offering various products. You won’t even only find local handicrafts and paintings. It is also the heaven of pirated CDs and DVDs. Not only for shopping, but Khao San Road is also a great destination for a culinary vacation. treat yourself with a bowl of noodles and some drinks at the available bars and pubs. Do not forget to enjoy the classic Thai massage to stay fit. If you wish to keep the memory of this travelling, you can visit a tattoo parlour and pick the best picture permanently paint on any part of your body. At least, you need two hours for all these activities.

3. Exploring the magnificent Grand Palace

Located in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is one of the important landmarks in the city. It was actually built in 1782 as the home of Thai King along with the war ministry and country’s mint. Performing as the administrative government, the palace is also where to see the coveted and ancient Emerald Buddha. This is a large construction. Make sure you spare at least an hour for taking the tour to see the beautifully intricate and colourful pieces of art in its whole area. Also feel the strong statement of Thailand’s culture development and spirit through the displayed paintings.

4. Visiting Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple is a classic Buddhist temple which is also the oldest and largest one in the city. You will also find the Reclining Buddha there as the best attraction. Take time to explore the chapel and see the amazingly crafted murals. Can you count the whole collection of Buddha images? You can also challenge yourself with the sensation of walking down the lines of golden Buddha statues. Thankfully, this temple is just about 10 minutes from the Grand Palace. So you can spend two hours at least to explore these two ancient buildings in Bangkok.

Quick tips

Have you kept a note of these attractions? Do not forget to add the following tips:

  • Look for the current information details whether you need to have a transit visa before leaving the airport for the sightseeing tour.
  • Check twice at least, your next flicking check-in time and plan your layover tour accordingly.
  • Get the information about the security wait times so you can arrange your time as well as possible.
  • Confirm that you will get your luggage checked through or want to pick them up between the connecting flights. Find the information on luggage storage at the Bangkok Airport official website.

So, is it time to visit Bangkok? Book your flight now only at Airpaz! Suvarnabhumi Airport awaits you!


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