A Vital Sydney Airport Terminal Handbook You Mustn’t Skip

The Kingsford airport of Sydney has three terminals overall. Each Sydney Airport terminal has its own function, capacity, and facility. For a newbie, arriving at a new airport may be too overwhelming, especially for a foreign tourist who has yet to come to Australia.

Sydney Airport Terminals

The Sydney airport supports international flights and domestic flights. As the largest and busiest airport in Australia, the international terminal can serve around 30 airlines and the domestic terminal can serve almost all regional airlines.

Make sure you check your ticket and itinerary to know which terminal you will land in. The location of the terminal is also important to know so you will not get lost in the airport.

In addition, the airport has a total of three terminals. To know each function and Sydney airport facilities, here is the full information regarding the terminals.

Sydney Airport Terminal 1

Sydney airport terminal

The first Sydney airport terminal is terminal 1. This is the first and also the only terminal in Sydney airport that serves international flights. Moreover, it can serve around 30 international airlines.

Not only does it serves international flights, but it also serves domestic flights. To support the service, terminal 1 has three levels.

  • Level 1

Level 1 is on the first floor of the terminal building. It functions as the arrival gate for passengers to arrive from their flight. Moreover, on level 1, you can also find the baggage counter and parking if you bring a personal vehicle.

  • Level 2

While level 1 is for the arrival gate, level 2 is for the departure gate. Any passengers who will depart to the destination city must come to this level. In addition, the level is located on the second floor of the terminal.

  • Level 3

The last is level 3. It is located on the third floor of the building. It serves the airport and some airline offices, Qantas Airline’s office, and the floor for passengers’ lounges.

Facilities in Sydney airport terminal 1 1 include:

  • Duty-free shops.
  • A restaurant & cafe.
  • A luggage counter.
  • A pharmacy.
  • A lost and found counter.
  • Wheelchair.

Sydney Airport Terminal 2

Sydney airport terminal

The second terminal in Sydney airport is terminal 2. The Sydney airport terminal 2 serves domestic flights and regional airline services. Therefore, it does not serve international flights and airlines outside of Australia.

It is located southeast of the airport, and the terminal has two levels. 

  • Level 1

Level 1 is on the ground floor of the terminal. It is located on the first floor and is also the base for the parking and garage for private vehicles.

Moreover, there is also access to transportation like shuttle buses and taxis.

  • Level 2

Level 2 is on the second floor of the terminal.  It serves departure gates and concession services. As it serves domestic flights and national airlines like Qantas, it opens gates 31 to 59.

There is a lift to connect level 1 to level 2 for passengers to go from the Arrival gate to the Departure gate.

The Sydney airport facilities provided in terminal 2  include:

  • A lost and found counter
  • childcare room
  • wheelchair
  • information desk
  • luggage claim
  • Internet service.

Sydney Airport Terminal 3

Sydney airport terminal

The last terminal in Sydney airport is terminal 3. Just like terminal 2, it serves domestic flights. Moreover, Sydney airport terminal 3 is also the hub center for Qantas Airlines and Qantas Link. Local flights between cities in Australia usually will land at this terminal.

As for the level, it has a total of two levels.

  • Level 1

The level 1 of Terminal 3 hosts the Departure gates. People who will fly to their destination will need to wait at this level and choose the gates cited in their ticket’s itinerary.

As for the gates located in this terminal 3 range from gate 1 to gate 19, you will need a Sydney airport transfer if you want to go to other terminals.

  • Level 2

The second level of terminal 3 is specifically made for Qantas Lounge. Qantas Lounge is for Qantas Airline passengers who want to take a break or wait for the layover to end. It is also the home of several airport facilities.

The facilities you can find in this terminal are a pharmacy store, cafe and restaurant, telephone, wi-fi, and information desk.

Inter-terminal Transports

Inter terminal Transports

You will need an airport transfer from one terminal to another, since the three are not within walking distance.

The first Sydney airport terminal transportation transfer between terminals is by using a link train. The link train is available from 05.00 AM to 00.00 AM. You will only need a 2 minutes interval to wait for the next departure.

There is also T Bus and 420 Bus to transfer you between terminal 1 to terminal 2 and terminal 3. The fare depends on the transportation mode within the terminals you choose.

Now that you are familiar with the Sydney Airport terminal, you can rest assured as you arrive at the airport later. Now, book your flight ticket to Sydney only at Airpaz.


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