Which Sydney Airport Transportation Option is Right for You?

Arriving at the Sydney airport is the first thing you will experience once you get on a plane to Australia. Sydney Kingsford Airport is the main international airport in Australia that serves all international flights worldwide.

Therefore, you will need to continue your trip to the city center after landing at the airport’s terminal. The Sydney airport is only 8 kilometers away from the city center. Located in a suburban area of Mascot, some Sydney Airport transportation modes can be used to reach the city center.

Sydney Airport Transportation

Once you arrive at the Sydney airport, there are mainly two options for transportation. The first is public transportation provided by the airport or around the airport, and the second is private transportation you can book beforehand.

Moreover, the transportation fare will depend on the type of mode and the distance to your destination.

Public Transportation

The first Sydney airport transportation mode you can try around the Sydney airport is public transportation. As the name suggests, it is available for everyone who wants to hop on and reach a specific destination. Here is a list of some Sydney airport public transportation modes.

1. Airport Link Train

Sydney airport transportation

The first convenient transportation to choose to go to the city center is by train. The airport has a link train that departs directly from the airport to the Center station.

In addition, the Sydney airport train stations are located in terminal 1 and terminal 3. Passengers who just landed can go to the nearest station to continue the trip to Sydney city.

For the interval, it takes approximately 10 minutes of waiting time before the next train arrives. Therefore, you do not need to wait for a long time to get by and go to the Center station.

The train’s fare is around 4,50 AUD or 3 USD and no additional fee if you already go past the Gate Pass. If you hop on before the Gate Pass, you need to pay an additional 14.90 AUD or 10 USD for passenger checking

2. Bus

Sydney airport transportation

Like any international airport, Sydney Kingsford airport is near the bus station. Even though there is no direct shuttle bus running from the airport, The Sydney airport bus stop is still near terminals 1, 2, and 3. 

In order to get on the bus, you can take line 400 and line 420 at the bus station. In addition, the bus station itself is near enough where you can walk from terminal 1.

Moreover, the bus fare is also relatively cheap. When you choose to go to the city center, you will only need 4,60 AUD to 6 AUD or 3-5 USD. 

It takes around 20-30 minutes to reach Sydney city, including the waiting time. If you are relatively free and more flexible in time, you can choose the bus option.

3. Taxi

Taxi 2

Another ride option is by using a Sydney airport taxi. The taxi lounge is some walk away from the arrival and departure gate. Near and convenient, calling a taxi is a quick way to go to the city.

Moreover, taxis that are already parked usually are available. You can just wave your hand to stop a cab. However, during peak hours, it may get a little bit more difficult to stop a taxi directly. 

Hence, make sure you check your arrival time and see if it is during peak hours. As for the taxi fare, it depends on the destination and the hour you book a taxi. The fare ranges from 45-55 AUD or 31-38 USD.

Private Transportation

Public transportation may not need a reservation, but it does not always give the reassurance that you can get to the city on time because we need to follow their timeline. 

If you want more private transportation with a set time, you can choose a car or a limousine.

1. Rented Car

Rented Car

You can rent a car to pick you up at the airport before your arrival. Moreover, you can also adjust the time based on your arrival time.

To rent a Sydney airport car, you need to call the rental service beforehand. Then you can choose the type of car, the destination you will go to, and the luggage you will bring.

The fare varies and depends on the service. Get more rental information here.

2. Limousine

Sydney airport transportation

Another ride option is to book a limousine. The limousine is for those who want to have luxurious and more private transportation.

Similar to renting a car, you also need to reserve at least two days before your arrival, depending on availability.

If there is high availability, you can also book directly in terminal 1. In addition, the counter is available at the airport’s arrival gate.

Now you have various options on which Sydney airport transportation mode to choose to go to the city. As you do not need to worry about how to get to the city, you can now book your flight ticket at Airpaz!


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