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Hello Travelers !

Let the new year take you to places. Weather you are in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Singapore, China or Australia, Let’s go traveling with your friends and find the most outstanding travel destination with Malindo Air New Year Promotion on Airpaz. New year means new adventure !

Sales Period : Now – 22 January 2016

Travel Period : 1 March – 30 November 2016

Check out Malindo new year promotional fares, below  :

Read: Important notice: New Terminal at Don Muang International Airport

Destination Fares Book
Fly from Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, to :
Amritsar RM 809 Book
Delhi RM 609 Book
Kochi RM 299 Book
Trichy RM 299 Book
Colombo RM 389 Book
Sanya RM 559 Book
Ho Chi Minh City RM 169 Book
Lahore RM 1051 Book
Bangkok RM 199 Book
Singapore RM 119 Book
Jakarta RM 169 Book
Bali RM 169 Book
Perth RM 519 Book
Penang RM 69 Book
Langkawi RM 69 Book
Kuching RM 109 Book
Fly from Malaysia – Subang, to :
Langkawi RM 69 Book
Alor Setar RM 69 Book
Penang RM 69 Book
Kota Bahru RM 69 Book
Johor Bharu RM 69 Book
Fly from Malaysia – Melaka, to :
Penang RM 89 Book
Pekanbaru RM 99 Book
Fly from Australia – Perth, to : (Return)
Amritsar AUD 1069 Book
Bangkok AUD 509 Book
Colombo AUD 629 Book
Delhi AUD 1029 Book
Bali AUD 490 Book
Dhaka AUD 799 Book
Kochi AUD 629 Book
Langkawi AUD 479 Book
Singapore AUD 469 Book
Trichy AUD 619 Book
Trivandrum AUD 629 Book
Fly from India – Amritsar, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur INR 16389 Book
Kota Kinabalu INR 20659 Book
Bangkok INR 51159 Book
Bali INR 20859 Book
Jakarta INR 20619 Book
Langkawi INR 19049 Book
Penang INR 18499 Book
Perth INR 31209 Book
Singapore INR 18869 Book
Fly from India – Delhi, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur INR 20069 Book
Kota Kinabalu INR 24339 Book
Bangkok INR 24839 Book
Bali INR 25029 Book
Jakarta INR 24789 Book
Langkawi INR 22729 Book
Penang INR 22149 Book
Perth INR 35379 Book
Singapore INR 22549 Book
Fly from Sri Lanka – Colombo, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur LKR 37259 Book
Bandung LKR 48559 Book
Kota Kinabalu LKR 16939 Book
Bangkok LKR 39609 Book
Bali LKR 59889 Book
Jakarta LKR 49359 Book
Kuching LKR 50109 Book
Langkawi LKR 41079 Book
Penang LKR 46109 Book
Perth LKR 61179 Book
Singapore LKR 39289 Book
Fly from China – Sanya, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur CNY 1689 Book
Fly from Thailand – Bangkok, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur THB 3359 Book
Amritsar THB 14609 Book
Colombo THB 8819 Book
Mumbai THB 13149 Book
Kochi THB 8609 Book
Delhi THB 14069 Book
Jakarta THB 5739 Book
Bali THB 5869 Book
Langkawi THB 4949 Book
Kota Kinabalu THB 5779 Book
Penang THB 4669 Book
Perth THB 11259 Book
Singapore THB 4889 Book
Fly from Singapore, to : (Return)
Kuala Lumpur SGD 79 Book
Amritsar SGD 499 Book
Colombo SGD 269 Book
Mumbai SGD 439 Book
Kochi SGD 259 Book
Delhi SGD 479 Book
Trivandrum SGD 249 Book
Jakarta SGD 149 Book
Trichy SGD 259 Book
Bali SGD 159 Book
Penang SGD 119 Book
Perth SGD 359 Book
Dhaka SGD 419 Book
Bangkok SGD 159 Book
Fly from Indonesia – Jakarta, to : (Return)
Amritsar IDR 5.260.909 Book
Bangkok IDR 2.027.509 Book
Colombo IDR 3.077.009 Book
Delhi IDR 5.021.309 Book
Dhaka IDR 4.525.509 Book
Kochi IDR 2.752.909 Book
Mumbai IDR 4.533.409 Book
Perth IDR 4.009.209 Book
Singapore IDR 1.593.109 Book
Trichy IDR 2.764.409 Book
Trivandrum IDR2.977.009 Book

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Promo AirAsia Singapore Discount 50% till 8 November 2015

AirAsia 50 percent off Singapore Flights Promo till 8 Nov 2015

Hi Singapore!

It’s your turn fun times with family and friends, Enjoy your traveling and fly from Singapore to Penang, Kuching, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, and many other destination in Malaysia with  50% off promo AirAsia on Airpaz !

Booking Period : Now till 8 November 2015

Travel Period : 9 November 2015 – 30 April 2016

Plan your trip and Enjoy 50% savings on base fares on seleceted flights for flights between Malaysia & Singapore 

How to get this promo ?

Simply follow these simple steps to enjoy the 50% off fare :

1. Search your flights on our site

2. Select the dates stated in the promo travel period (except embargo period)

3. Choose your preferred flight

4. Grab  50% discount

Travel Notes:

– Booking in advance are required

– Fares are not available during embargo period.

– 50% off is applicable to base fare only.

– Offer is applicable to flights to/from Singapore.

And plan your trip and travel to Indonesia ? with our special deals, below: 

AirAsia 50 percent off Singapore Flights Promo till 8 Nov 2015 1

Fly to Indonesia from Singapore and grab the best deal from AirAsia on Airpaz !

Travel note :

– Advanced booking required.

– Fares are not available during embargo period.

Find your favorite route for Indonesia promo here :

Destination Fare (SGD) Book Now
Fly from Singapore to :
Bandung 79.00 Book
Jakarta 50.00 Book
Bali 85.00 Book
Jogjakarta 90.00 Book
Semarang 75.00 Book

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Traveling to Raja Ampat

Beautiful Holiday To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a very famous tourist attraction in Indonesia and abroad. to get there, you can go from Jakarta to Sorong by use Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air for transit Flight, or you may use one stop flight such as Garuda Indonesia, WingsAir, or other airlines that have a route to the Raja Ampat.  

Raja Ampat is one of the most attractive destinations and has the beauty of the underwater world. In the waters of Raja Ampat, there are a lot of fish species in the world. This is an island that has a natural beauty and the blue sea. Raja Ampat will also make you calmer when spending your holiday. The locals are friendly and can help you to enjoy your holiday. Fresh air and natural scenery in Raja Ampat make this island dubbed as the hidden tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Diving, Surfing, and Snorkeling

Diving, surfing and snorkeling are some tourist activities that you can enjoy in Raja Ampat. This place also has a dense forest, colorful limestone, variegated rare plants, animals, and the turtle nests which are located on the seashore. You can also surf on this island because Raja Ampat has a fairly high sea waves.

Usually, tourists will do this activity in the afternoon. Because this is the best time to get a better wave height. Diving is one of the interesting activities. You will be accompanied by several species of fish such as stingrays, turtles, and colorful coral reefs. You can also see many species of fish, coral, and some invertebrates. To perform diving activities, you will be accompanied by a team of divers and using comprehensive equipment. For those of you who are not so brave to dive deeper, you can also do snorkeling. The scenery you get wil no less attractive to diving.

Driving around Raja Ampat

Not only underwater scenery that you can enjoy, but Raja Ampat also has natural scenery and some of the surrounding islands. You can do many things in Waisai like playing on the beach, driving around the islands, and enjoy the ocean view. To access the islands in Raja Ampat, you can use the speedboat.

They will provide a tour around Raja Ampat. You can choose from two types of boats; speedboat and a long boat. Speedboat can carry 15 passengers for 1 hour 40 minutes. The cost should you spend is 2 million dollars. Long boat can carry 10 people for 2 to 3 hours at a cost of 1.2 million dollars. This price may vary adjust vacation time. You also enjoy the underwater scenery of this small boat using a transparent glass.

By using two small boats, you can enjoy around Raja Ampat Island and enjoy its scenery. Raja Ampat has 4 main islands and hundreds of small islands that you can enjoy. In addition, this region has a lot of coral and is very beautiful natural phenomenon. You can also see a variety of fauna like some kind of Peacockand Kus-Kus. There are also types of flora such as orchids, palms, and more. You can do this activity to surround the island and discover the hidden beauty such as waterfalls and ancient caves.

However, you also need to prepare all your needs when visiting Raja Ampat. With expensive cost, it is better if you are looking for cheap flights, so you do not need to pay more for your transportation. Many travel agents that provide cheap flights and some destinations that you need during the holidays.


Tips Traveling to Thailand

Bhutan, The Land of Thunder Dragon

Friday Fare Frenzy Promo – 3 October 2014

Friday Fare Frenzy

Hello guys..

Get special offer only 7 hours today on Friday Frenzy Fare Promo,

Only IDR 269,900 one way

Booking Periode :  03 October 2014, 10.00am – 05.00pm (Local time)

Let’s take a look what promo and cheap flights we get this Friday

Departure Arrival Fare (RP) Periode Book
Jakarta Singapura 269900 14 Oct – 
11 Dec 2014
Medan Singapura 399900 14 Oct – 
11 Dec 2014
Medan Singapura 399900 7 Jan – 
12 Feb 2015
Surabaya Singapura 399900 14 Oct – 
11 Dec 2014
Surabaya Singapura 399900 7 Jan – 
12 Feb 2015

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Auckland to Christchurch Rp 541.332 Book
Auckland to Wellington Rp 442.908 Book
Brisbane to Melbourne Rp 864.961 Book
Brisbane to Sydney Rp 711.677 Book
Christchurch to Auckland Rp 541.332 Book
Cairns to Melbourne  1.412.405 Book
Gold Coast to Melbourne Rp 930.654 Book
Gold Coast to Sydney Rp 492.699 Book
Hobart to Melbourne Rp 492.699 Book
Hobart to Melbourne Rp 492.699 Book
Launceston to Melbourne Rp 536.495 Book
Melbourne to Cairns Rp 1.412.405 Book
Melbourne to Gold Coast Rp 821.166 Book
Melbourne to Hobart Rp 492.699 Book
Melbourne to Sydney Rp 602.188 Book
Wellington to Auckland 442.908 Book
Sydney to Melbourne Rp 602.188 Book

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Happy Traveling…


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