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Let’s traveling with low cost fare from Lion Air. Plan your trip now and go fly to Jogyakarta with fare IDR 352,600 include free baggage 15 kg.

Jogyakarta is the rich  art and culture city, and famous with their delicious culinary. Jogyakarta is one of the city which is produce the Original of  Batik in Indonesia.

Batik is regarded as a cultural icon with its own uniqueness and contains symbols and a deep philosophy of the human life cycle — and it was submitted by Indonesia as a non-material element of cultural heritage.

What you waiting for? Let’s explore of Jogyakarta and  interacted with generous people of Jogja.

Find other cheap flights and promo from Lion Air to many popular destination around Indonesia. Whatpromo that we have on September for You?  Let’s take a look;

Departure Arrival Fare (Rp) Book
Bali Denpasar Jakarta 514.300 Book
Bali Denpasar Surabaya 330.600 Book
Jakarta Bali Denpasar 514.300 Book
Jakarta Jogyakarta 352.600 Book
Jakarta Makassar 714.500 Book
Jakarta Medan 683.700 Book
Jakarta Palembang 402.100 Book
Jakarta Surabaya 430.700 Book
Jogyakarta Jakarta 352.600 Book
Kendari Jakarta 903.700 Book
Kendari Makassar 397.700 Book
Makassar Jakarta 714.500 Book
Makassar Kendari 430.700 Book
Mataram Lombok Surabaya 399.900 Book
Medan Jakarta 683.700 Book
Palembang Jakarta 402.100 Book
Surabaya Bali Denpasar 330.600 Book
Surabaya Balikpapan 460.400 Book
Surabaya Jakarta 430.700 Book
Surabaya Mataram Lombok 372.400 Book

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Promo – Citilink

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Did you know what interesting place in Pangkal Pinang? Pangkalpinang is the island’s largest city and capital of the Province of Bangka-Belitung Islands. Pasir Padi Beach offers beautiful scenery of white sand and clear blue ocean waters

Plan your trip and go fly to Pangkal Pinang with  promo Rp 470,000 and grab our Special Fare In Promo start from IDR 390,000 on

Let’s take a look what promo and Cheap Flights that we have for you on September 2014

Departure Arrival Fare (Rp) Book
Bali Denpasar Balikpapan 792.800 Book
Bali Denpasar Jakarta
Bali Denpasar Surabaya 350.800 Book
Balikpapan Surabaya 446.300 Book
Banjarmasin Surabaya 280.800 Book
Batam Jakarta 483.800 Book
Jakarta Bali Denpasar 548.800 Book
Jakarta Balikpapan 603.800 Book
Jakarta Batam 493.800 Book
Jakarta Makassar 688.500 Book
Jakarta Surabaya 448.700 Book
Jakarta Jogyakarta 392.600 Book
Mataram Surabaya 382.200 Book
Surabaya Bali Denpasar 385.800 Book
Surabaya Balikpapan 507.900 Book
Surabaya Banjarmasin 451.800 Book
Surabaya Jakarta 483.700 Book
Surabaya Lombok 412.200 Book


1. We enourage you to make your booking advance

2. All price include baggage and airport tax

3. The price can changes anytime

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All. Debit and Credit Card

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