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Did you ever go to Solo?Solo orSolo is the twin sister of Jogyakarta and known throughout Indonesia as a strong upholder of Javanese culture.

There are many things to do in Solo;

1. Visit Karaton Kasunan Surakarta

Kasunan Surakarta is the Palace of Pakubuwono Kings

2. Pura Mangkunegaraan

Pura Mangkunegaraan is the Palace for Mangkunegara Kings

3. Museum Batik Danar Hadi/ Kampung Batik Laweyan / Kampung Batik Kauman/ Pasar Klewer

Houses of thousand piece of Batik Collection

4. Jurug Zoo

You will found many collection of animal species here

5. Sriwedari park

Javanes Art and Cultural center  with wayang kulit puppet show  and wayang wong javanese  dance at night

6. Sahasra Adipura

A New Hindu temple about 5Km east Solo

This will be the most enjoyable trip, in addition to exciting culinary offerings that you can enjoy.

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 Jakarta  Jambi  419.700  Book
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Jakarta Palembang 407.600  Book
Jakarta Pangkal Pinang 387.800  Book
Jakarta Pontianak 482.400  Book
Jakarta Semarang 354.800  Book
Jakarta Solo 360.300  Book
Jakarta Surabaya 402.400  Book
Jakarta Tanjung Pandan 416.400  Book
Jambi Jakarta 419.700  Book
Makassar Jakarta 704.600  Book
Makassar Surabaya 580.300  Book
 Pangkal Pinang Jakarta 387.800  Book
Pontianak Jakarta 482.400  Book
Surabaya Jakarta 402.400  Book
Tanjung Pandan Jakarta 416.400  Book

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