Taipei Airport Terminal: Facilities and Services

The Taipei Airport terminal is a place that you will visit when you have just landed at Taipei Airport. You must know the position, facilities, and services available in Taipei Airport terminals.

In this article, you can find all the complete information to be used as a guide at this airport.

Taipei Airport Terminal

Taipei Airport Terminal

Two active terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, serve various flights at Taipei Airport.

Taipei Airport is Taiwan’s largest and busiest airport, so the traffic is hefty. It is evident from the data for 2019, where the passengers were around 48,689,372 people.

Because of this, the airport added a new terminal, Taipei Airport Terminal 3. This terminal is still under construction and is planned to open in 2023.

Apart from that, there is also Taipei Airport Huan Yu VIP Terminal, which allows you to enjoy excellent facilities from the airport.

Taipei Airport Terminal 1

Taipei Airport Terminal

Before Terminal 2 opened, Terminal 1 was the main terminal that accommodated traffic at Taipei Airport.

This terminal was renovated in 2018, so now there are 18 gates. Terminal 1 has 2 concourses, Concourses A and Concourses B.

1. Levels

There are 5 levels or floors in the Terminal 1 building, all of which can be accessed by all passengers, namely:

  • Basement Level: At this level, you can find several public facilities, such as ATMs, food courts, restrooms, food concessions, and currency exchanges. From here, you can also find the MRT station and ticket counters.
  • First Level: This is the departure and arrivals area, where you can find baggage processing centers, retail stores, luggage storage, post offices, information desks, and others.
  • Second Level: This is the place for managing all administrative matters.
  • Third Level: This is the boarding and departures areas. Here you can use the SkyTrain, which takes you to Terminal 2.
  • Fourth Level: This is the lounges and business center area.

2. Lounges

There are several lounges on the fourth level of Terminal 1, which are non-smoking areas. Each lounge’s facilities include excellent food, Wi-Fi, alcoholic drinks, TV, magazines, flight monitors, telephone, and shower.

  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone D). It’s on the fourth floor and is open 24 hours.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone C). Open from 06.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • China Airlines Lounge (V1). Hours of operation are from 05.30 AM to 11.00 PM.
  • Cathay Pacific Lounge. Open from 04.30 AM to 08.50 PM.
  • Starlux Airlines Galactic Lounge. The hours of operation are from 05.00 AM to 07.00 PM.

Taipei Airport Terminal 2

Taipei Airport Terminal

Terminal 2 was opened after Terminal 1 could not accommodate the increasing passenger traffic at Taipei Airport yearly.

This terminal has been opened since 2000 and has two concourses, C and D. In addition, Terminal 2 is also being expanded to handle an additional 5 million passengers per year.

1. Levels

There are 7 floors in Terminal 2, namely:

  • Basement, 2 level facilities are customs duty facilities, ATMs, banks, MRT stations, restrooms, and others.
  • Basement Level: This transfer area leads to the floors in the up and provides parking lot services.
  • First Level: This level contains an arrival area with currency exchange, ATMs, custom inspection counters, luggage storage, post office, and others.
  • Second Level:  You can do an arrival passport check here, because it is a place of arrival immigration. Several facilities, such as retail stores, tax refunds, and restrooms, are available.
  • Third Level: Here is the departures and boarding area, which has access to Terminal 1 using SkyTrain.
  • Fourth Level: It is a service area such as showers, beauty massages, restrooms, business centers, lounges, and others.VIP Lounge and various other premium facilities.
  • Fifth Level: On the left side, you can find public facilities such as restrooms, baby care rooms, showers, and others. While on the right side, there are hotels and restaurants.

2. Lounges

There are several lounges in Terminal 2, with public facilities that can be obtained in several lounges including internet, shower rooms, kid’s fun area, food and drink concessions, Wi-Fi, magazines, telephones, snacks, premium food, flight monitors, newspapers, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Some of the facilities in lounges which are non-smoking areas are:

  • The More Business Center: many facilities, but what stands out the most is business services.
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A): open 24 hours.
  • Japan Airlines JAL Taoyuan Airport Lounge: you can visit this lounge as long as there is a departure schedule. 
  • Plaza Premium Lounge (Zone A1): open from 06.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
  • China Airlines SupremeLounge (V3): operates from 05.30 AM to 11.30 PM.
  • The Club by EVA Air: hours of operation are 05.30 AM to 11.30 PM.
  • EVA Air The Star, EVA Air The Garden, EVA Air The Infinity: such as The Club EVA Air hours are 30 AM to 11.30 PM.
  • China Airlines Lounge (V2): located on the third level, from 05.30 AM to 11.00 PM.
  • Singapore Airlines SilberKris Business Class Lounge: operates from 05.30 AM to 05.45 PM.

Taipei Airport Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Taipei Airport Terminal

You can use the Taipei Airport Huan Yu VIP Terminal to get premium and more private facilities. To make the waiting sensation more enjoyable, you can go to a spa which is helpful for relaxation and health. Here also available soft drinks, food, and wine

Inter-Terminal Transfers

Taipei Airport Terminal

To access each terminal, you can use SkyTrain’s free service. This SkyTrain connects concourses A to D and B to C.

You understand all the information about the Taipei Airport Terminal above, so your activities at the terminal will be easier. If you still need to book a plane ticket, remember to use Airpaz. Download the App now! 


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