Use This Taipei Airport Guide to Enhance Your Holiday

Understanding complete information about the airport where your plane lands can help make your trip comfortable because you will be clear. This also applies if you land in Taipei, so ensure you understand the information about Taipei Airport.

In this article, you can find vital information that can be your travel guide!

About Taipei Airport (TPE)

About Taipei Airport

The official name of this airport is Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. It is located at Hangzhan S. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and is about 40 km west of Taipei.

You can also use the Taipei Airport code, which is TPE, to shorten the mention.

TPE Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in Taiwan, while most domestic flights are made at another, smaller airport, Taipei Songshan Airport.

There are two runways between which there are two airport terminals, namely Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. However, due to increasingly congested flight traffic, Terminal 3 will be opened in 2023.

There are many other facilities that you will get after arriving at Taipei Airport Arrivals. Some of them are hotels, lounges, and transportation from the airport. All of these services and facilities will be discussed in the next section.

Terminals and Facilities

Taipei Airport

Taipei Airport departures and arrivals activities will definitely be carried out at the airport terminal. So currently, there are two active airport terminals at TPE Airport, namely Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

1. Terminal 1

This terminal was originally the main terminal that handled all passenger flights. However, after Terminal 2 was built, the passenger flow was more proportional.

Terminal 1 has five floors with two concourses, Concourse A and B.

Some of the facilities and services at Terminal 1 are ATMs, convenience stores, ticketing counters, prayer rooms, restaurants, food courts, foreign exchange exchanges, e-libraries, smoking rooms, art galleries, nursing rooms, and others.

In addition, 5 Taipei Airport Lounges are also available, which can make waiting time at the airport more enjoyable.

2. Terminal 2

Terminal 2 was opened in 2010 and is divided into two concourses, Concourse C and D. Meanwhile, the building has seven floors that handle various aviation needs.

Services available at Terminal 2 include restaurants and shops, a post office, currency exchange, information counters, prayer rooms, children’s play areas, Wi-Fi, nursery rooms, e-libraries, and so on.

There are also many Taipei Airport lounges, around 11 places, where the facilities and opening hours can be adjusted according to your needs.


Taipei Airport

When you want to catch the earliest flight or arrive in the middle of the night, staying at the Taipei Airport hotel is the best choice. You can save distance and time.

Luckily, there are airport hotels at Taipei Airport and many hotels closest to the airport, so you have plenty of options for where to stay.

  • Plaza Premium Transit Hotel is the first choice because of its location in the airport area. You can find it in Terminal 2, in the Departure Transit Lounge area.
  • CHO Stay Capsule Hotel can be your next choice because of its location in Terminal 2, on the 3rd floor or the departure area.
  • Next is Novotel Taipei Taoyuan Airport, which is close to the airport, about a five minute drive. If you stay here, you get an accessible shuttle bus facility.
  • Apart from the three hotels above, you can also stay at the Backpackers’ Hostel Taoyuan Airport and City Suites Taoyuan Gateway, which tourists often use as a place to rest.


Taipei Airport

Transportation from the airport can be one of the determinants of whether or not your travel costs are economical. You can choose free transportation, such as the airport shuttle bus provided by your hotel.

Apart from that, there are other affordable modes of transportation, such as buses, trains, and the MRT. Meanwhile, you can use an airport taxi if you want to be more private and fast.

Finally, car rental is the best choice if you want to drive more flexibly and comfortably.

Duty-Free Shops

Taipei Airport

Duty-free shops are heaven for shopaholics because you are not charged taxes at the airport where you shop. Therefore, many passengers buy souvenirs for their families or self-rewards at the duty-free shop.

Taipei Airport has one duty-free shop named Ever Rich duty-free shop. Even though it is only managed by one company, you can find many shops selling various products at competitive prices.

Some of the product types you can find are souvenirs, wine, makeup and skincare, women’s needs, men’s needs, fragrance, children’s needs, and home travel.

Best Things to Do in Taipei

Best Things to Do in Taipei

After resting at the hotel, you will want to explore Taipei immediately. There are many things you can do while on vacation.

Some recommendations are visiting Taipei 101, exploring Taipei’s night market, capturing moments at the CKS Memorial Hall, visiting museums, Beitou Hot Spring, visiting temples, and other activities.

You can choose free or paid trips.

So, after understanding the information about Taipei Airport, you can immediately book a plane ticket to Taipei. Book your tickets and hotel at Airpaz because it’s fast and easy!


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