Know More About Tenerife South Airport Facilities Here!

If you’re traveling to Tenerife through Tenerife South Airport, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with its facilities to ensure a smooth journey. Here’s a rundown of the amenities available at Tenerife South Airport.

Tenerife South Airport Facilities

Tenerife South Airport facilities

At Tenerife South Airport, a diverse range of facilities caters to travelers’ needs. From dining options and children’s play areas to nursing mother stations and lost and found services, the airport ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for all passengers. 

Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or on business, Tenerife South Airport facilities designed to meet your needs and make your journey as smooth as possible.

Facilities at Tenerife South Airport

Facilities at Tenerife South Airport

Let’s explore Tenerife South Airport facilities and where you can locate them.

1. Passport Control

Upon arrival at Tenerife South Airport, you’ll find passport and immigration control in the arrivals area. If you’re arriving from abroad, you must pass through here before leaving the airport. Just a heads up, the exact location might vary depending on your terminal and gate number. 

To breeze through smoothly, ensure you have all your travel documents ready before reaching passport control. This way, you’ll avoid any holdups and continue your journey hassle-free!

2. Baggage Claim

After arriving at Tenerife South Airport, follow the signs in the Arrivals Hall to reach the Baggage Reclaim Area, where you can collect your luggage from the conveyors. 

If you happen to lose a piece of baggage, don’t worry. Simply head to the airport’s lost and found office on Floor 0 of the Arrivals Hall, and they’ll assist you in tracking it down.

3. Lost Baggage

If you’ve misplaced something at Tenerife South Airport, they have a Lost and Found as one of Tenerife South Airport facilities to help you. Located on Floor 1 of the Departures Hall, all lost items end up there. To retrieve your belongings, follow these steps: 

  1. Email
  2. Include the date and approximate location of the loss, along with a detailed description of the item (brand, color, size, and any identifying marks).
  3. Don’t forget to provide your contact details. They’ll do their best to reunite you with your lost item promptly.
  4. Once your lost item is at the facility, you’ll receive a confirmation with a code and instructions. Bring the necessary documents for verification when collecting the item.
  5. Arrive early, as the process may take some time.
  6. Additionally, contact your airline for items lost during the flight. 

4. Drinking Water Fountains

Tenerife South Airport facilities offer drinking fountains are conveniently scattered across terminals to ensure you stay hydrated during your journey. No need to worry about dehydration! You can easily locate these fountains on the airport maps. 

They’re situated on Floor 1 near Boarding Gates 7-8-9-10, 23-24-25-26, and 15-16-17-18. So, whether you’re waiting to board or just passing through, grab a refreshing drink and keep yourself hydrated throughout your journey!

5. Nursing Rooms

Tenerife South Airport facilities cater to mothers traveling with infants and small children. Inside the airport, you’ll find a children’s play area, various gaming machines, and baby care facilities in the restrooms. 

While there isn’t a dedicated Nursing Mother Station or breastfeeding pods, restrooms are equipped with everything needed for infant care, including facilities for persons with disabilities. Mothers can attend to their infants comfortably while traveling through the airport.

6. Sim Cards

Save time and avoid hassle by acquiring a TENERIFE REINA SOFIA SIM Card before your trip to the Canary Islands. Don’t waste valuable time at the airport searching for a prepaid SIM card and dealing with lengthy activation processes. 

With PlanetRoam, you can have your SIM card shipped for free and enjoy pay-as-you-go convenience upon arrival. Plus, benefit from reliable support if any issues arise. Ensure seamless connectivity and save on roaming charges with a pre-activated SIM card that works in most unlocked phones.

7. Foods & Drinks – Most Popular Tenerife South Airport Facilities

Tenerife South Airport facilities offer dining options conveniently located on Floor 0 and Floor 1 within the Departures area. From popular chains like Burger King and Upper Crust to unique spots like O’Learys, you can quickly grab a bite before your flight. 

Additionally, cafes such as Aerogelato and Caffé Ritazza offer tempting treats. Whether you’re in the public zone or the passenger-only area, you’ll find a range of dining choices to suit your taste

8. ATMs

Need cash at the airport? No worries! Euronet has you covered with cash points from the arrivals and departure halls to outside the terminal, as one of Tenerife South Airport facilities. Do you have questions or need assistance? Just give them a shout at (+34) 912 868 448 or shoot them an email at 

And Banca March also has a cashpoint, right in the public arrivals’ hall! For any help, dial them up at (+34) 971 779 111 or (+34) 900 102 1.

This covers everything you need to know about the facilities at Tenerife South Airport. With this information, navigating the airport will be a breeze. Now, you can book your flight tickets to Tenerife or any other destination through Airpaz. Enjoy the best deals and prices for a smooth and hassle-free travel experience!


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