Tengchong Volcano National Park, the Unique Volcanic Field in China

If you are into natural occurrences and volcanic activities, you may want to consider your options of coming to Tengchong volcano area. The area isn’ as popular as other tourist destinations in China but it does sure have its own appeal, especially for geothermal enthusiasts. If you are coming to China, you may want to include the national volcano area to your itinerary – or your must-visit lists.

About Tengchong Volcano

Tengchong Volcano National Park- About Tengchong Volcano

The volcanic field is located in the southern area of China, right 40 kilometres from the border with Myanmar or Burma. The field has 3 major volcanoes from the Holocene Age: Heikongshan, Dayingshan, and Maanshan. The Holocene Age dated back to 3.4 millions of years ago. Besides these 3 volcanoes, there are also other cones and older volcanoes. If you total it, there are around 65 of them. Judging from their appearance, especially with the clear (and visible) lava flows and sparse vegetation, the northern end cones are highly likely the youngest ones.

There was a possible historical eruption dated back to 1609 at Heikongshan or Dayingshan. There were also other unconfirmed eruption reports taking place during the Qing Dynasty. Tengchong District is known for some of the geothermal fields (the very active ones). It is also known as the field with the highest temperature and the largest one. It includes the Rehai geothermal field covering 20 hydrothermal eruptions since the year of 1993.

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The Signature Unique Landscape

Tengchong Volcano National - The Signature Unique Landscape

Tengchong alone is situated in between Eurasia Plate and India Plate. In this region, the crust movement is very active. That’s why volcanoes often erupt and earthquakes often happen. From the existing cones, around 22 crates are intact. Around the craters, there is a combination of volcanic flow, volcanic cinder, and also scabland. As a result, the view is pretty amazing and somewhat magical.

If you take a look at Tengchong field, with its geothermic and volcanic characteristics, you basically witness the evidence of hot springs and volcanoes landscape. The Volcano National Park isn’t a popular tourist site but once you are there, you will understand the appeal and attraction.

The Park is regarded as the natural museum for volcanic geology, located in Southwest Yunnan. There are two major areas in the park: Small Crater Peak and Large Crater Peak. If you come to the top, you will be presented with an amazing view – and it includes the nearby volcanoes. To reach the Small Crater, you only need to walk for a while using the rim and the circuit. If you want to reach the Larger Crater, you can use the steep stairs. But it takes more efforts and the trip is more challenging.

The Possible Attractions

Tengchong Volcano National - The Possible Attractions

If you want to learn more about the park, including how it is created and formed, you should visit the geology museum. It is located close to the park entrance. The admission ticket of Volcano Park includes Black Fish River. You will need to drive from the entrance for 10 minutes to reach the area. The view is just amazing. The cliff has a unique twisted and columnar pillars combination. The river has azure water. The unique thing about the water source is from the underground spring. You can hike in this place – the trip is guaranteed to be unique and fantastic!

The admission fee is around 50 yuan. If you want to, you can take the hot air balloon, costing you 100 yuan. The hot air balloon attraction is on the foot of the volcano. To reach the area, you will need to take the bus or use a taxi. Take C route bus. If you use a taxi, hiring one will cost you 60 yuan.

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