Jetstar flights will experience several changes in operation in several airports. The changes are mostly happening to Hong Kong airport and Nagoya Chubu airport. All passengers that are using Jetstar are advised to pay attention to the terminal changes and the accompanying details. 

Hong Kong Changes

Hong Kong International Airport

Starting from November the 29th 2019, All Jetstar flights will use Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. The change only happens to the terminal. Others (such as ground handle, check-in timings, flight schedule, or check-in facilities) are still the same. Passengers are expected to check-in at least 2 hours before the departure so they have enough time to do their business.

Passengers who have booked flights right on the date (29 November) and after will get an email containing the updated information of the new location. Keep in mind that the check-in for GK20 (depart at 02.10 right on November the 29th) and starts at 23.10 on November the 28th will also take place in Terminal 1.

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Nagoya Chubu Terminal Change

Nagoya Chubu Airport

Starting from September 20th, 2019, Jetstar’s international and domestic flights at Nagoya Chubu Airport will run from a new terminal. The new terminal is Terminal 2, including check-in processing.

Passengers using Nagoya Chubu service have been charged PSFC (Passenger Service Facility Charge). When Jetstar was still operating at Terminal 1, an adult is charged ¥2,570 and a child is ¥1,290. But as Jetstar is moving to Terminal 2, the charged fee is lower to a half of the past fee. For now, the fee for an adult is ¥1,280and a child is ¥640. Passengers who had booked international flights before June the 25th will get a partial refund of the fee. They can claim the refund by contacting the air service’s contact center through live chat. For domestic flights, the PSFC will stay the same until there is further notice.

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Those are some terminal changes in Hong Kong and Nagoya, Japan. Passengers are expected to check the terminals and the updated info concerning it to avoid mistakes. Other than the terminals, everything else (check-in methods, security check, etc) remains the same.