Terminals at Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) plays an essential role as the main airport in Singapore. Located on the eastern edge of the island, this facility provides the excellent public transportation links to every part of the country. It is even voted as one of the best airports in the globe while being a major hub in Southeast Asia and common transit between Europe and Australia for Kangaroo route.

Change Airport houses four terminals which have different roles. If you take a flight with Singapore Airlines and take a taxi to the airport, you must tell your destination to the driver. He or she will find out which terminal you should go to. The plane may also arrive at the terminal, so make sure asking friends who pick you up to take a look at the flight information system through the airport official website.

There are four terminals that Changi Airport has today, arranged in an elongated inverted “U” shape:

Terminal 1 (T1)

Changi airport terminal 1 departure 1
source: mynewsdesk

It was opened in 1981 and has been upgraded to server up to 24 million passengers every year. This terminal is also completed with the more choices of shopping, dining and relaxation spot.

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Terminal 2 (T2)

The opening took place in 1991. It is known now as a non-stop entertainment hub where visitors can spend time at the movie theater, gardens and more when waiting for their flight.

Changi airport terminal 2 arrival 1
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Terminal 3 (T3)

With the eco-friendly green terminal, T3 which was opened in 2008 is completed with natural skylight and garden hosting more than 200 species of foliage and butterflies.

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Terminal 4 (T4)

This newest terminal was officially opened in 2017. The design and construction are very innovative, being featured with the new a technologies, systems and procedures, giving visitors a lot better travel experiences.

Besides those current four terminals, other future terminals and projects are also prepared to enhance Changi Airport as one of the best airports in the world. You can expect for the terminal 5, set to be ready in the 2020s and also the Jewel project which will connect T1, T2, and T3 in 2019.

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Wondering if it takes a lot of effort to transfer from one terminal to another? Well, Changi Airport is actually easy to access. You can take the advantage of the efficient transport network which consists of many transport modes available, like Skytrain, shuttle bus and even by foot. Feel free to check the airport official site to know more about their facilities, but visit Airpaz only to buy your flight tickets at cheap prices.


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