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International Flight Promo! More People, More Trips, More Fun!

Enjoy special fare for Thai Lion Air International Flight on Airpaz with all-in fare starting from THB 1,055

Check out our favorite international destination for Thai Lion Air flights, below:

DestinationStarting fromBook
Flying from Bangkok, to:
SingaporeTHB 1,695Book
JakartaTHB 2,455Book
YangonTHB 1,155Book
GuangzhouTHB 2,875Book
ChengduTHB 2,875Book
ChongqingTHB 2,885Book
NanchangTHB 3,195Book
NanjingTHB 3,585Book
Ho Chi Minh CityTHB 1,055Book
HanoiTHB 1,155Book
ChangshaTHB 2,955Book
BaliTHB 2,655Book
Fly from Chiang Mai, to:
GuangzhouTHB 2,875Book
ChengduTHB 2,395Book
Fly from Chiang Rai, to:
ChangshaTHB 2,875 Book
Term and Condition:
  • Valid for booking on
  • Booking Period: 4 September – 17 September 2017
  • Travel Period: 15 September 2017 – 24 March 2018
  • Valid for Thai Lion Air (SL)
  • Valid for all payment method
  • Advanced booking required
  • Fare not available during high season
  • Airpaz reservers the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice

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