The Appeal of Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum

You probably think that Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum is just a cemetery with the highlight of the king’s remains. It’s not necessarily true because there are some interesting articles that you can see as the evidence of China’s greatest times in history.

What to do in Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum

Accessing the Museum

Nanyue King's Tomb Museum - Accessing the Museum

The place opens from 9 AM to 17.30 PM – they are always closed on the 28th of February and the 31st of August. They stop selling the tickets at 16:45 PM. The entrance fee is 12 Yuan per person. But if you want to have a combo ticket (allowing you entrance and access to Guangzhou Museum, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, and Nanyue King Mausoleum), it will cost you 32 Yuan per person. Naturally, separate costs are higher than this combined one.

Free entrance is possible on each month. If you come on Wednesday of the third week (except in the month of June), you will get free access. On National Cultural Heritage Day, taking place on June’s second Saturday, you can also gain free access.

The Layout

Nanyue King's Tomb Museum - The Layout

The main complex is made and constructed on top of the mausoleum. The mausoleum itself is located 20 meters under Elephant Hill (Xianggang Shan). If you want to see the excavations, you need to climb up the central big stairs – you can find this after the (main) entrance.

On the way up, you should find mini-exhibitions depicting Guangdong and Guangzhou Province. You can also see the Chinese ceramic pillows permanent exhibition. Don’t be surprised to see those lovely and beautiful pillows.

The Mausoleum

nanyue king tomb museum - The Mausoleum

If you come to see historical relics in the mausoleum, be prepared to be disappointed. For preservation reason, you won’t find one there. Even the murals are fading and not visibly seen. But if you read the explanations, you would learn that this royal tomb didn’t accommodate Zhao Mo only. There were 15 other human sacrifices buried with him, including a musician, courtiers, and consorts. After all, in the past, the location was a forbidden royal ground once.

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Excavated Artifacts and Relics

nanyue king tomb museum - Excavated Artifacts and Relics

If you want to see some relics, go to the building next to the mausoleum. There, the artefacts and relics are kept and displayed in a temperature-controlled and modern area. The room is basically arranged based on thematic sections, depicting the life of Zhao Mo’s time. It’s interesting to learn about some things like detailed (Chinese) culinary methods in the past or the classic musical instruments. If you learn these things, you would understand how Southern Chinese cuisine has developed into an interesting and sophisticated art we know today.

The Jade Burial Suit

nanyue king tomb museum - The Jade Burial Suit

The suit is actually the star of the exhibition because most visitors are curious about it. This is one of the most crucial discoveries in Chinese archaeological world. The burial suit was made from jade and it was elaborate. It is also known as the oldest burial suits ever found in China. The most unique part about it is the fact that the pieces of the jade are connected to each other by silk. Not only this is awesome, but it also shows that such ability and creativity had existed in the past.

If you take a look at the suit, you will see an intricate handiwork, showing impressive and awesome craftsmanship skill of the makers. Not only the suit is beautiful and artistic, but the silk patterns are also symmetrical. It’s hard to believe that such great ability and skills had existed in the past. Yes, it is a burial suit and yet you can’t help feeling awed by it.

Going to the Place

There are several ways to reach the spot. You can use the bus or the trolley bus. You can also use the subway line 2 and stop at Yue Xiu Gong Yuan Station. Take exit E and continue on foot for 300 meters to the intended spot. You can find the detailed information if you browse the information.

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