The Appeal of Night Safari Singapore

Have you ever participated in a safari? What about a night safari? Do you think the idea is interesting and different? If you are in Singapore, then you are in luck because they have such an attraction. It is one of the main attractions that provide both educational and entertainment values for everyone – adults and kids.

About Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari - About Singapore Night Safari

The idea of night safari is to dedicate the efforts to rescue, conservation, and research as well as to provide wonder and entertainment for visitors. The research and conservation activities are meant to help improve animals’ lives in the wild and captivity. If you join the Night Safari, you should be able to see thousands of animals from Europe, Africa, America, and Asia in the wide natural environment. Because of this attraction, Singapore is known as a family-friendly tourist destination in Asia.

Although it is expected that you may see nocturnal animals, you should be able to see other variants. After all, with 1,000 animals to see, it is impossible for the trip to be boring. There are 8 geographical regions and each of them is connected with the trams and walking trails. You should expect to see many exotic animals as well as the endangered species, like home horned rhinoceros, Himalayan griffon vulture, gazelles, Burmese wild cattle, wildebeests, and the giant anteater.

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The Overall Show and Trip

Night Safari - The Overall Show and Trip

The admission ticket is $35 per person (adult). The safari takes around 4.5 hours exploring the area and seeing the animals. The trip will start with a show, Creatures of the Night, which runs for 20 minutes. Then, visitors will go to Himalayan Foothills with the tram to see mouflon, markhor, and Himalayan tahr on the rugged terrains. Then, the team continues to the Nepalese River Valley to see large deer habitat. You can also see the hyena, pelicans, and golden jackals. You can also see the Gir lion and barasingha habitat.

On the next movement, you will reach Equatorial Africa with savannah grassland – you can see the lions and giraffes as well as other animals. Your trip will cover the area of Indo-Malayan region, Asian Riverine Forest, and Burmese Hillside trip. The safari opens from 19.30 to 24.00 with the last admission taking place at 23.00.

Reaching the Area

Night Safari - Reaching the Area

If you are using the MRT, you can use any MRT that you want and then continue with the connecting bus to your destination. If you take the MRT to Mandai Khatib, the connecting bus will take you there in 15 minutes (depending on the traffic). It doesn’t take cash, only cards.

You can also use the direct Safari Gate bus that will take you to the safari from the city. If it is one way, both adults and kids are charged $7 each. If it is two ways, both adults and kids are charged $12 each (it’s already for two-round trips). If you want a more convenient way, you can drive by yourself or use a taxi. If you drive, the parking lot is charged $3 for the first hour and then $2 for every passing hour.

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Tips to Enjoy the Safari

Ways to make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Carry the insect repellent. It will be handy.
  • No need to bother carrying a cell phone with the camera. Since it’s dark, you won’t be able to pick up a lot of things. You can’t use the flash within the premise unless you have the sophisticated digital camera that can take pictures without the flash.
  • Make sure to bring something that can occupy the kids while waiting. Queuing is common and kids can be restless while waiting. If you are going by yourself, then it’s not a problem

There you are, the information about the safari and how you should be prepared. If you are interested in coming to the area for your next holiday, be sure to plan ahead. Don’t forget to book your flights with Airpaz and enjoy the easiness in managing everything!


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