A Special of the Ayutthaya Kingdom Is Worth to Visit!

The Ayutthaya Kingdom in Thailand is a historic city that has become the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. It houses many temples and palaces that store the remains of the great history of the city.

Because of the beauty and often become the location in kinds of the Ayutthaya Kingdom movie project, the historic city becomes one of the most-visited places when tourists are having a day trip to Thailand.

The History of Ayutthaya Kingdom


Based on the inscriptions from the 12th century, a city was built on the site before officially found by the first king of Ayutthaya Kingdom named King U Thong in 1351. The Hindu word “Ayodhya” is the source of the name Ayutthaya.

It is the Hindu god Rama’s city in the story of Ramayana. It is because of the association of traditional Thai kings with Rama. The Chakri Dynasty that stands from 1782 until the current king is called Rama I to Rama 9.

Ayutthaya was only one the territories besides Lan Na, Angkor, Pegu in Burma and Sukhothai. However, Ayutthaya developed fast and it could control many territories during the rule of King Naresuan (1656-1688) that had the greatest power.

The territories that were successfully controlled by Ayutthaya were including the parts of Burma, Cambodia and Lan Na. It also proposed influence over many areas of Malay Peninsula.


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How to Go Ayutthaya Kingdom

Situated in about 90 km to the north of Bangkok, it is easy to get to the Ayutthaya Kingdom location by trains. The trip will only take about 90 minutes through the northern or north eastern railways.

The train will stop at the railway station of the old city at the east side near Pa Sak River. Then you should take a ferry to the Chao Phrom market, and then continue the trip to the west in about 1 km.

Alternatively, you also can go to the Ayutthaya Kingdom Thailand by bus. There are many buses that operate frequently to the old city area. You can take one of the buses after touch down to the nearest airport to the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Besides, you also can choose to reach the old kingdom by using a more luxury day trip provided by the Oriental Hotel Bangkok. The trip will take you by one-way boat and one-way bus. The full-day trip costs about 1,300 Baht for every person.

Things to Do in the Ayutthaya Kingdom

Because it is a historic city that houses kinds of temples and palaces, the visitors of the Ayutthaya Kingdom in Thailand get around the old city to see all of the remains. Visitors can enjoy getting around by bicycle, motorcycle, tuk tuk, minibus or cyclo.

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Happy traveling.


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