The Beauty of Nature: Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever visited lake gardens Kuala Lumpur? It is an alternative recreational area when sunbathing is not an option. You can escape from a busy city and relax surrounded by beautiful view of wonderful flora and fauna.

Probably, You don’t know that lake garden, officially named Perdana Botanical Gardehave has been opened to the public in May 1975 by Tun Haji Abdul Razak Hussein, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia at that time.

There you can find various parks and gardens extending more than 92 hectares of land, larger than Taiping lake garden.

What to See at Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur?

Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur Entrance Fee


Lake gardens in Kuala Lumpur attracts visitors with its two manmade lakes and parks along Jalan Lembah. There, you can find Orchid Garden filled by more than 800 orchid species that you may not see at Taiping lake gardens.

It is quite interesting since you can take as many as pictures of the flower and buy a few pots home. There is also Hibiscus Garden where Malaysian national flower grows abundantly in this lake garden.

Continue the tour with bird watching at Bird Park where over 3000 birds from 200 species live. Butterfly Park and Deer Park should not be forgotten as well.

You do not need to prepare lake garden Kuala Lumpur entrance fee as all attraction can be enjoyed for free. Then, when you get exhausted and hungry after the long trip exploration, nasi lemak Tanglin lake gardens will fill you up.


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Hotel Taiping Lake Gardens

Perdana Botanical Garden or Taiping Lake Garden can be perfect spots to have the wedding photography. You may take it as an alternative avenue besides swan lake gardens in Singapore.

You will even save much by skipping the idea to visit lake gardens resorts Alleppey in India. Moreover, there are many hotel Taiping lake gardens available to set everything up before the photo shoot.

Lake Gardens Resorts sight seeing seems to be the first and primary thing to do when visiting such lake gardens, be it Perdana botanical garden or Taiping lake gardens.

In fact, there are actually many fun activities offered at this well-known lake gardens of Kuala Lumpur. You can explore Outdoor Park, Hibiscus, and Orchid Gardens or enjoy the space program and daily shows at Kuala Lumpur National Planetarium.

Do you have a dream to visit Lake Gardens?

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Happy traveling!


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