The beauty of the Ora Beaches of Maluku, Indonesia

Maluku is one of the provinces in Indonesia which offers beautiful beaches, one of which is the coast of Ora. Ora beaches can be an excellent choice right for you to vacation and enjoy the beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters which are away from the crowds, making it as if it was in Private Beach.

Ora Beach is located in the village of Saleman, district of North Seram in Maluku. Ora Beach offers beautiful natural scenery which is not inferior to the coast of Oahu in Hawaii or Maldives Island.

Ora beach offers beautiful sea life such as coral on the sea and colorful beautiful fish adorn the coast. Ora Beach also offers green tropical forest scenic with pure coolness from nature. Because o f the crystal clear waters, you may see directly all the beauty of coral and fish that are swimming around off the boat and it will be a very pleasant experience.

The Activities in Ora Beaches

Ora beaches

Snorkeling is an activity that You can not miss. In regard to the Coral on the beach that you can also find in the shallow waters, it is recommended you implement Snorkeling in territorial waters that are a little bit deeper, so it does not damage the coral. In addition to snorkeling, visitors can also cross the river Salawai to see the process of making sago, viewed the activities of inhabitants of locals picking coconuts, or see the variant of birds in estuaries in the Bay of Sulaiman.

Ora Beach is often used as a place for Pre Wedding for prospective couples getting married who want to combine their important moment with the beauty of the beach of Ora.

Accommodation in Ora Beach

Ora Beach Maluku

Ora Beach Resort is a resort at once became a tourist destination that offers Beach beauty, Ora, as kesitimewaan the main sights. The combination of the wooden cottage that stands above the water’s clear bluish-green and the background of green hills makes the scene in Beach Ora so fantastic. Ora Beach cottage has a background which is the hills of the Manuela National Park.

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Ora to the beach you can use air transportation to the Pattimura Airport, Ambon (AMQ) using the airline Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air. From Pattimura airport, you can use the small airlines to Wahai Airport, Seram island,  then use the ship into the harbor Grace Cantika Ahami which took about 2 hours drive. You can use economy class starting price of Rp 100,000 and Rp 150,000 VIP class.

You can also use the rental car that will deliver directly to Ora Beach, but long enough to take a full day exploring the village of Seram in Maluku. The ride is not entirely smooth, however, be sandy or Rocky roads. Don’t worry, even though the distance is far enough when he arrived on the coast of Ora, all tired you will recover when looking at the stunning beach of Ora.

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