The Best Place To Celebrate Halloween In The Big City

October is synonymous with creepy Halloween night celebrations. In fact, the celebration began with the commemoration of the triennial period of the Saints (Allhallowtide). A period in the liturgical year, dedicated to the memory of the deceased.

Halloween tradition begins with ancient Kelt harvest festivals which may have pagan roots, especially the Gael ethnic Samhain festival. Finally, many countries always enliven Halloween night with various interesting festivals, which are a pity to miss. For those of you who are still confused about Halloween celebrations, here are some festive Halloween celebrations that can be used as references.


The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival in Derry City. It’s the largest organized Halloween celebration in Ireland from 25 October to 2 November. You will enjoy Halloween celebration here because Halloween originated in this country, Ireland named Samhain Night.


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2.United States of America

Salem, Massachusetts. Here is the famous city for hunting witches, fearing evil and common eyes, phobias host Halloween parties to die for. Usually, in the city, you can celebrate the Salem festival about dead people. Don’t miss the highlight of the festival is the Salem Witches’ Ball.

New York City. Enjoy the Village Halloween Parade in New York City being hosts the largest Halloween celebration in the United States. Mask maker Greenwich Village until the night parade Ralph Lee having more than two million viewers and participants, and about four million television viewers each year.


3. London

London Ghost Walk. The best place to celebrate Halloween visiting graveyards and famous murder sites on an after-dark ghost walk are in London Ghost Walk. You can visit it with the author of Haunted London, Richard Jones.

The London Dungeons. Master of Tricks and many activities here is a great Halloween celebration. Here you can be entertained by all geared up to deliver frights and mischief.


4. Hong Kong

Festival of the Hungry Ghosts (Yue Lan). This tradition is more interesting in an opportunity to give gifts to spirits of the dead to provide comfort and ward them off.

Hong Kong Disneyland. As the Halloween party capital of Asia hosts the annual Halloween Bash. The best place for Halloween celebration is in Bars at Lan Kwai Fong throws Halloween parties every year.


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5. Mexico

The small island of Janitzio. Enjoy every procession is like music, folk dances and families gather in the cemetery. The fishermen in their rowboats with torches lighting up the lake are being the most impressive sight.

In the colonial town of Chiapa de Corzo. See decoration of the cemetery in a lively manner with colourful ribbons, flowers and candles. Besides that, enjoy live music in the cemetery as families serenade the deceased on their short-lived return.


6. Colombia

The Halloween celebration in the capital city of Colombia, Bogata is strongly influenced by American culture. In addition to Halloween celebration with great costumes, parties and festivities, you can enjoy with the Moto Halloween Party motorcycling enthusiasts dress up in outfits and ride around Cali to celebrate Halloween.

7. Japan

Obon Festival. The festival of ancestors has been around 500 years. Usually, the Halloween celebration will be held over three days. The activities that you can see is visiting the graves of ancestors, and other deceased loved ones, bringing the food offering to altars and temple, and the floating of candlelit lanterns on rivers and lakes to symbolise the deceased returning to the world of the dead at the end of the festival.

8. Bangkok

Silom Soi 4. Although Halloween celebrations abound in Bangkok, You are allowed to miss this moment. It’s because a pedestrian street of bars, restaurants and clubs, is the scene for a massive Halloween street party in Bangkok.

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