The Best Place to Travel Alone as a Woman in Asia

It’s not a problem if you decide to travel alone as a woman in Asia. It will be easy to navigate, allowing you to grow your self-confidence and independence, and the best part is you don’t have to worry about safety.

The Best Place to Travel Alone as a Woman in Asia

Travel Alone as a Woman in Asia
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Asia is one of the best destinations for female solo travelers and it has the world’s safest countries. Some countries below are the best place to travel alone as a woman in Asia.


The Philippines is the best country for the female solo traveler. The country features amazing beauty and also not so much touristy. You can find many inexpensive things there and the country is safe too. You can find many reasons and features that make it the best destination for you as well. The Philippines has friendly local people that always smile to travelers. It also doesn’t have any people with antisocial behavior, so that it is safe for you to walk alone anywhere.

South Korea

South Korea with its low crime rate always provides safe nightlife and high women safety. Most of the cities in South Korea including Seoul are secure for female solo travelers. The capital city also features many small boutiques, many artists, as well as cozy restaurants and coffee shops with yummy foods.

Seoul is also a great city for enjoying dining and shopping. Find some traveling tips from local people or the other female solo travelers whoever explores South Korea. It will make your trip much more memorable.

Source: thriftynomads
Source: thriftynomads

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Japan should be your first destination when you are traveling alone. The Rising Sun country is well known and safe for women to travel. Besides, the country also peaceful, beautiful, and clean and the transportation has been well developed.

The people give great honor to women, which is why you can travel safely to Japan. The local people are also friendly too; you don’t have to worry when you are lost because the people will always help you show the way.


Based on the Retire Asia, Vietnam belongs to the top ten safest countries in to travel alone as a woman in Asia. Vietnam is also a beautiful country with green mountains, where you can see the hill tribes with their unique daily life. The country also has many areas for trekking, beautiful sandy beaches, Tropical Island, and kinds of delicious street foods.

Try at least once in your life to travel alone as a woman in Asia. Choose the countries above to get the best experiences. To book the flights, you can use Airpaz that offers tickets at various prices and departure times. Happy traveling!


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