The Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year is just next month. Have you planned something for the celebration? It must be great to travel to the best place to celebrate Chinese New Year, where the most colorful and cheerful celebration is always held every year for the most special Chinese holiday. Some of the best places for celebrate Chinese New Year are below.

list of place celebrate chinese new year:

Beijing, China

chinese new year in Beijing China

Beijing is the mother of all celebrations for Chinese New Year. Kinds of festive celebrations are held for the longest time such as festivals, carnivals, ceremonies, and also parties in temples, parks, and square. The festivals are featured by the historical and family tradition in the New Year celebration.

Each family cleans and decorates their house, and they visit the big family houses in a couple first days, honor the ancestors, and pray in the temples. At the parks, celebration festivals held are such as lion dances, drum shows, folk performances, games play, fireworks, etc. which invites crowds every day and night.

George Town, Penang, Malaysia

chinese new year in Penang Malaysia
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Penang Island, Malaysia is always full of light when the Chinese New Year celebration starts. The squares and Chinese clan’s houses that still have their classic Chinese architecture are decorated with vibrant red and orange LEDs lighting, including in the Kek Lok Si Temple.

The New Year celebrations hold in 15 days and it draws tourists from all over the globe to enjoy the festivals, fireworks, deity parades, as well as the dragon and lion dance performances. It must be perfect to stay in the Chinese historic jetty houses if you want to celebrate Lunar New Year in George Town.

Hong Kong

chinese new year in Hong Kong

The metropolitan city of Hong Kong always turns into the red when the Chinese New Year comes. Many celebrations are held, the biggest one is the Tsim Sha Tsui night parade on floating it performing artists and dancers under the confetti rains and elegant decorations.

At the Hong Kong Disneyland, special events and attractions for celebrate Chinese New Year can make perfect your holiday with the kids. On the night of Lunar New Year festival, reach the Hong Kong Island peak to enjoy kinds of special events, including trying the Wheel of Fortune and enjoying the beautiful views of the Victoria Harbor Lamma Island. Besides, the area also features kinds of temples, flower markets, and local street markets.

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So, you can choose one of the three best places to celebrate Chinese New Year and then plan your trip for the special holiday next month. For flight booking, use Airpaz that always provides many options for airlines to those destinations.



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