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The Best Things to Do in Yogyakarta


After Beautiful Bali, The place you must visit in Indonesia is Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is one of the big city in Indonesia located in central of Java island and famous with art and culture, world’s heritage site, delicious traditional culinary and many views of natural splendor

The people of Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta) known for their friendly peoples and they are welcome every tourist or visitor who comes to their city. The unique of the local people in Yogyakarta made them different from another people in Indonesia is about how to show the direction.

If you asking about direction, many people will answer you with ” Go to the left or right..! “ or maybe show some big point such as in Jakarta people ” ..this place is near to Central park Mall, or in front of Plaza Indonesia …” but in Yogyakarta they might say ” Go to the north and then to west”

Jogja has the variety of existing tourism objects such as:

1. Borobudur Temple

Located in Mageleng near to Yogyakarta – Magelang City, this is one of the world heritage known in the world. The Temple is founded by Buddhist Mahayana around 800 century.

2. Prambanan Temple

Located in Klaten about 20 Km from Yogyakarta. Please see more detail about Prambanan here

3. Karaton Jogja – Sultan’s Palace

Located in the center of Yogyakarta, Karaton Jogja is a complex’s empire family living with their assistant, you may see several unique building with beautiful decoration.

4. Vredeburg Castle

Vrederburg is the ex-castle of Dutch Colonial found in1765. This is a museum to present the story of Indonesia struggles to fight with the colonialist to get freedom.

5. Kota Gede

This place is the center of handicraft of Yogyakarta, there are so many traditional silver artwork by manual equipment in this place.

6. Water Castel – Taman Sari

Consisted of pools with tunnel underground and walking access on top of it. This is a beautiful pool founded on 1757 by Sultan Hamengku Buwono

7. Ngasem Bird Market

In this place, you may see the variety of bird, fish and other animals

8. Parangtritis Beach

For you Beach lover you should go to Parangtritis Beach in south of Yogyakarta. There are also natural beaches in Gunung Kidul region like: Pok Tunggal, Jogan and Indrayanti.

9. Malioboro Street

Near to Vredeburg Fort and Zero Point of Yogyakarta, Malioboro position as the main street where a variety of carnival performance you can found here . Thousand of people crammed filling Maliboro Street that stretches from north to south.

There are variety of locally made souvenirs like batik, rattan ornament, silver, bamboo handricrafts, leather puppets, miniature of traditional vehicle and many more all can be found easily. Beside the unique souvenirs you can found some Batik cloth. Malioboro road connects Prangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta Palace, Tugu, Mounth Merapi.

What to Eat in Yogyakarta?

Jogjakarta offer many luscious delicacies such as Gudeg Jogja, Oseng Oseng Mercon, Nasi Pecel, Sego Pecel, Satay Klathak Bakpia cookies, and much more

How to Get There?

You may go to Yogyakarta by Domestic and International flight such as AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Citilink. Or if you go by train, you may go to TUGU Station destination, which is close to Malioboro Street. If your holiday in Jogjakarta you should go to Malioboro to complete your holiday.

Where to Stay?

Don’t worry where to stay in Yogyakarta, because there are so many Hotel With Cheap Fare in this city, beside that you may stay in many Hostels near in Malioboro

Interested to Visit Yogyakarta?

Plan your trip to Yogyakarta with the lowest fare and cheap flights from many domestic and international flight.  Grab promo and flights every day go to Yogyakarta, start from Rp 150,000 (R/C)

Happy Traveling



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