The Stunning Set of “Crazy Rich Asians”: Blue Mansion, Malaysia

Commonly referred to as the Blue Mansion, Cheng Fatt Tze is a landmark heritage building located on Leith Street, Georgetown Malaysia. The name is gained because of the stunning indigo paint that coats majority of the building wall surfaces, with an architectural style that seems to make it pop out from an Asian Gothic storybook. If you are interested in visiting the place, don’t miss out on some intriguing facts that can give you more context about the renowned site.

A Guide to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion Before You Visit the Place

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion used to be a beloved dwelling space for the owner before it turns into the must-visit tourist attraction spot that it is now. Aside from providing a plethora of amenities, it also allows the visitor to book and reserve the place for various types of events such as weddings. However, before you decided to drop by the iconic landmark, read the following interesting facts about the mansion.

The Origin of the Mansion


Cheng Fatt Tze is actually the name of the mansion owner. He was a Chinese businessman who began to venture his business in Jakarta, before spreading it to Penang. Cheong was approximately born around 1840 in Guangdong, China. He also used to work as the economic adviser for China’s Empress Dowager and the head of consulate general in Singapore.

During the period of Cheong Fatt Tze’s lives, it wasn’t rare for well-off Chinese man to marry more than one wife. Cheong himself has eight wives. The Blue Mansion is a gift for his seventh wife, Tan Tay Po, whom he married at 17 years old while he was already at 70 years old. The construction of this mansion began in the 1880s and was a home to the couple.

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How the Color Was Formed


It is not without a reason that the mansion of Cheng Fatt Tze is called the Blue Mansion. The blue shade is so unique, coming from a blend of naturally extracted blue dye from indigo plant and limewash.

The indigo color was extremely valuable during the colonial period. According to the officials of the Blue Mansion, it was imported from India. Limewash was used because of its ability to control temperature and absorb moisture of tropical climate.

The Style of Architecture


Carrying Southern Chinese courtyard house design as its primary architectural style, the Blue Mansion also incorporates plenty of other cross-country-inspired elements. For example, the cast-iron balustrades are built based on the French trompe l’oeil technique and the tinted glass lends ideas from England Art Nouveau. The whole mansion is an archetype for Straits Eclectic architectural style.

Even though it borrows a lot of Western-rooted styles, the design and overall layout of this mansion follows feng shui, a Chinese traditional practice philosophy about building’s orientation and layout to promote desired situations or energy.

A Set for Various Well-Known Movies

Crazy-Rich Asians
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Apparently, the mansion of Cheng Fatt Tze has successfully garnered attention and gave inspiration to number of filmmakers, as it is chosen as the set for various movies. Some of the most popular are Crazy Rich Asians (2018) and Indochine (1992).

Other famous movie that filmed in this location are 3rd Generation (2015), Road to Dawn (2007), and The Red Kebaya (2006).

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Things to Do There


On the first floor of the area, you can get a tasty meal surrounded by an amicable and charming environment by reserving a table in a fine-dining restaurant called Indigo. It is where the combination of Eastern and Western cuisines is served by Chef Weng. It is also enjoyable to relax and entertain yourself at The Bar, where traditional Chinese music is being played on weekend nights.

The place also opens for visitors who want to join a 45-minute tour throughout the area, from Monday – Fridays every 11 A.M, 2 P.M, and 3 P.M or Saturday – Sunday every 11 A.M and 2 P.M. The tour costs RM 8 for children and RM 16 for adults (or RM9 and RM 17 for respective age category via online reservation).

That being said, the best way to experience Cheng Fatt Tze is to reserve and spend one night in the place. It boasts a total of 18 guest rooms, where you can book the entire building starting from RM 50,000 (approximately US$12,000) per night.

How to Get There

Cheong Fatt Tze is located at Leith Street, right in the center of Penang. It only takes 5 minute walks from the nearby Chinatown and within walking distance with various heritage locations in Penang.

The hotel also offers various accesses for visitors such as shuttle service, on-site parking, valet parking service, and free parking fee.

Visiting the Cheng Fatt Tze or booking the place to experience the life of a 19th-century tycoon is amongst the best things to do if you happen to be in Penang. To accommodate your travel needs, check out the best deals you can get for flight tickets and hotel reservation bookings at or Airpaz mobile application.


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