The Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Have you ever wondered about the history of Valentine’s Day?

The Brief history of Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day was started from 3rd century under the authority of the Roman King named Claudius II Ghoticus. With his authority, he punished beheaded of a priest named Saint Valentine on February 14 269 century. Saint Valentine was sentenced to be headed for marrying a young teenager (soldier) who was in love, so he was considered to have opposed the royal provisions.

The reason for the provisions is because the royal soldiers who are not married are considered to have extraordinary toughness on the battlefield. For the church, the action of Saint Valentine is considered right because it has protected the person who was in love, so he was crowned as a hero of affection.

Although it doesn’t relate to the feelings of love, over time, Valentine’s Day is associated with love in the Middle Ages. This concept change occurred because many kingdoms in Europe were influenced by the idea of love. No doubt, they began to celebrate Valentine more cheerfully and romantically.

Britain and France even associate February 14 as birds mating season. The love story of this bird makes Valentine who initially dark ever more romantic. A famous poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, made this story in his poem.

In the United States starting in the second half of the 20th century, the tradition of exchanging cards was expanded and included giving all kinds of gifts, usually by men to women. The usual gifts are roses and chocolate. In the 1980s, the diamond industry began promoting its goods as Valentine’s Day gifts.

Three Best Place to Celebrate Valentine

Here are three places, in Britain (UK), France, and the United States that could be the choice to celebrate valentine with your love.


Brief History of Valentine's Day - valentine's day in paris

This city is the right choice for you and your partner to spend time together. The city offers the beauty of the Eiffel Tower which presents a beautiful night view of Paris. You can also feel a romantic dinner at the restaurant in this tower. Another romantic place to eat is a sailing boat restaurant on the Seine River.


UK Place to Valentine's day // Brief history of Valentine's Day

A river in England becomes a romantic tour on Valentine’s Day. I was so romantic view of the river, this place inspiration of the inspiration of a novel. Because of the romance of this river, a French novelist named Daphne du Maurier made Helford the inspiration for his novel. This is called Frenchman’s Creek. The river is surrounded by low and shady oak trees. The reflection of sunlight will penetrate between the branches and bounces off the water. Quiet river currents are perfect for exploring by kayaking or boat.

3. New York City – United States

new york city

America is an exciting country for Valentine’s Day matters. In the land of Uncle Sam, there are at least 43 million flowers that are sold ahead of the day of love. If you want to invite a couple to dinner at an elite restaurant, you have to prepare around 500 USD. After dinner, you can take your partner for a walk around New York City and give Valentine’s gifts that have been prepared before.

You guys, as a couple would want to celebrate Valentine romantically right. Besides Valentine’s Day can be your way to find your soul mate or be the right moment to express your love for someone, truly, this is the most appropriate dating time. So that Valentine’s Day becomes a favorite day to walk with a couple or someone you like.

Know first of the valentine day history before trying to visit the most romantic places to celebrate it. Then to go there you need transportation, right? Find flight tickets on now and get your special offers.


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