The Chinese Beautiful Yu Garden

Garden is the place of beautiful plants and flowers. The garden will make us happy and release the tiring activities. We can plant and water the plants and flowers. In China, there is a charming scenery garden. It is Yu Garden. Yu Garden is the classical Chinese garden built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) This garden is old enough, it’s almost 400 years. This garden has another name it’s Yuyuan Garden. This garden was built in the Ming Dynasty era, so this is the special garden in China.

Facilities in Yu yuan Garden

Yu yuan Garden has 5 facilities that you can enjoy and visit. They are Great Rockery, Cuixiu Hall, Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, and Gorgeous Jade Rock.

1. First place is the Great Rockery

Great Rockery

When you enter the Yu Garden, you will meet the Great Rockery at first. Its height is 14 meters, so you can see and enjoy the bird’s view when you put your foot on the top of the rock. It is the largest rock in the southern region of the Yangtze River.

2. Then you will find the awesome Cuixiu Hall

Cuixiu Hall

It’s a comfortable place for relaxing. And covered by the old trees and plants. In this place, you will be able to see the stores selling the souvenirs and others.

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3. There is another hall also called the Sansui Hall

Sansui Hall

This is the entertaining hall, the people are often using this place to hold the ceremonies for the bookmen. This hall has a height of 9 meters and 5 halls.

4. Next is Wanhua Chamber


This is the subtle building and surrounded by monasteries. In this place, you will find the old two plants. One of them is Ginkgo that has a height of 21 meters and was planted by the owner of the garden 400 years ago. It will be a great experience when you see both plants.

5. The last magnificent item is the Gorgeous Jade Rock


This is the large jade rock. It has 3.3 meters tall and 72 holes. The rock is wonderful and charming. Perhaps, the price is very expensive and it’s the value ancient thing. So this jade is not for sale. The jade is very attractable you can try by pouring the water from the top and you will see the beautiful attractions of the water inside the rock. The water then will go out.

In this garden, you can also do activities such as shopping at the Yuyuan Bazaar. The items are foods, souvenirs, jewels, and craftworks. You can also bargain the price until you get the price that you want. You will enjoy the splendid night view from the nine bend bridge, it is the wonderful night with the charming old Chinese lighting style. And also you can eat the Nanxiang steamed buns.

Opening Hours

Every day from 8.45 AM until 4.15 PM
Entrance ticket price: 30 CNY until 40 CNY

How to get there?

How to get there

Yu Garden is located in No. 137, Anren Street,   , very close to the Old City God Temple. Or specifically is in 218 Anren St, Huangpu Qu, China, 200000 You can visit here by using two vehicle options, they are bus and metro train.

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