The Fatal Effect of Coronavirus on Tourism is predicted until 2021

Coronavirus is a pneumonia-like disease that comes from China and has been affected across the Asian continent. The effects are not only the disease but also to the business and travel. The causes might vary. It is mentioned because of the unsafely, the weather, or the tourism resorts. How fatal is actually the effect of coronavirus to the travel business and tourism? Does it effect worldwide for a long time?


More explanation Effect of Coronavirus is as follows

1. The Flight Cancellation

the flight cancellation

The loss experienced by the travel agents, hoteliers, or operators is caused by lots of a number of trip cancellations. It is not just to China, but to the whole of Asia, and it keeps going every day.

People mostly cancel with the reason they will go next year, or even sadder, they do not know whether they would go there. During February and March, the flight cancellation reaches 75% for the departures to the Southeast Asian countries. Meanwhile, the coronavirus around the countries still lower than in China. The people are just worried about going anywhere near China.

Even worse, some of the full honeymoon packages have been canceled meanwhile the destinations are not to China. Mostly the honeymoon package goes to Australia, Maldives, and Southern Africa. The Hilton Chief Officer said that the investors are affected by the coronavirus and it will last from six months to a year! Moreover, he estimated that the cost of the company probably would be started from $25 million to $50 million!


2. The Weather


Why does it take a long time for making travel business being steady again? The main factor is the weather. For traveling around the world, the weather manages all the itineraries.

North Asia is easier to go around in a year because the weather is steadier and more challenging in Southeast Asia, where the monsoons and hot temperatures take place. In this weather, usually, the people will not rebook until the fall. Somehow, the weather now is related to coronavirus which has been epidemic globally.


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3. China and Asian Tourists Travel Plan

travel to china and asia

As the coronavirus spread in China and the surrounding, the tourism industry decreases rapidly. Most of the foreign tourists now choose to travel to North America and Europe. The deadly disease which is originated from China makes lots of Chinese themselves cancel and delay their travel plans due to the authorities’ travel restrictions. Moreover, the tour operators claim that the only thing that is traveling is the virus itself.

Some large airlines in the United States even have suspended flights to and from Hong Kong and China. The saddest thing is that the employees of Hong Kong main flight, Cathay Pacific Airways, have left unpaid until three weeks due to the airline cut. It is inconvenient fact to hear because actually global tourism is affected a lot of Chinese tourists.

Most global aviation faces a hard time as well for international flight routes. They suspend international flights to and from China, particularly in the areas where the coronavirus suspects take place the most.

The top destinations of Chinese tourists also experience the low traffic of traveling. We have discussed Hong Kong, which sits on number one, and then Macau, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Taiwan.


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The Asia Pacific countries mentioned before should be ready to experience many of loss in the tourism sector. For example, Thailand tends to lose 109.3 billion Thai baht in tourism revenue because of the coronavirus. It is such a big loss because Chinese tourists used to dominate Thailand’s tourism industry during the previous years.

Finally, coronavirus indeed affects the travel components. You need to be smart in traveling now. Choose the most dependable flight such as Airpaz to get another trip for vacation. You can book Airpaz online without facing the officer.


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