The Most Effective Suitcase Packing Tips

Effective suitcase packing is very important to make it effective and useful when you are traveling. Make sure you have packed the luggage well with all items organized perfectly, nothing is left and it is also effective and not too heavy.

Roll the Clothes

Effective Suitcase Packing by rolling clothes

Rolling the clothes is the most effective packing way, according to most travel experts. It will save much space and prevent deep wrinkles.

Create a Packing List

Packing a suitcase should be started days or even weeks before the departure date. It will make you have enough time to make a packing list completely. Besides, you also will need enough time to buy something important for the trip. So, no important thing will be forgotten.

Read the Airline’s Luggage Policy

Every airline has their own policy about the luggage. It is not only about the limit of baggage’s heaviness but also how many luggage you can carry on a flight. Many airlines give free of charge for 1-2 carry-on bags, but some others charge big fees for it. So don’t forget to read the policy before booking a flight, including about the TSA rules about liquid and gel stuff in carry-on bags.

Bring a Larger Carry-On Bag

Handbag, backpack, laptop bag, or other personal items commonly allowed by airlines, which is one for every passenger. It is recommended to bring a larger handbag or backpack so you can have larger space to keep essential things within your arms reach. But make sure the size is under the maximum size and weight allowed by the airline.

Wash the Clothes during Traveling

In order not to full your luggage and bring too many clothes, you should wash your clothes during the traveling. It is great if you can get a hotel with free laundry services. But if it is not available, you can bring travel size detergents to wash your clothes. Then hang the clothes on a portable laundry drying lines.

Bring the Essential Items in Carry-On Bag

All essential items should be packed into your carry-on bag, including the identification, passport, credit cards, money, electronics, cell phones and jewelry. It is important to keep the items within your arms reach. But if you keep them in luggage, you will lose too much when you accidentally lose the luggage.

Pack with Packing Aids

You can use kinds of effective suitcase packing aids to pack your suitcase, such as packing cubes, packing envelopes, vacuum packs, etc. Each packing aid will be useful for the different item and they will be very effective to save many spaces inside the suitcase.

Before you are ready with well-organized and effective suitcase packing, book the flight first. Use Airpaz to find the best airline and the best deal of flight. Happy traveling

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