The Natural Appeal of Korea Upo Marsh

You probably don’t think that wetlands would be an ideal place to spend your vacation. However, you should come to Upo Marsh in Korea. Not only the place is beautiful, but it has its own appeal and attractions. You can get connected to your inner self and nature while escaping the crowds and noise of the big city. It’s a guarantee that you will have a fresh mind and energy once you spend some time in the wetlands.

About Upo Marsh

Upo Marsh - About Upo Marsh

Do you know the Korean Tourism Agency claim this area as the second best place to visit? The marsh covers an area of 5,500 square kilometres in size. If you want to travel around the spot, it takes you 4 hours to do so. You can use the bike, which is available for rent at the entrance.

Exploring the area is quite fun as you can enjoy the natural view. However, you should stick to the path and not wander off. Be extra careful to couples using tandem bikes or kids riding too fast. Sometimes people are just ignorant and they can put themselves (as well as others) in danger. It is quite common to see bikes crashing into one another.

What to Enjoy?

Upo Marsh is situated in Changnyeong, which is in South Gyeongsang Province. It is one of the most natural sites in Korea, listed in UNESCO Tentative World Heritage Site List. Basically, you can enjoy the natural scenes. In the morning, you have the sense of mystery thanks to the misty fog. In the day, you will be pampered by the lush greeneries. At dusk, the sun creates a smudging effect in the sky, creating an amazing view. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the view of migratory birds flying across the reddish sky. The place has a mix of colours and hues. Not to mention that it offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere, a perfect getaway for those wanting to be alone.

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Home to Endangered Species

Upo Marsh - Home to Endangered Species

There are 180 species of birds, including 10 endangered ones such as Anas Formosa (Bimaculate Duck or Baikal Teal) and Anas Falcata (Falcated Duck). The marsh has Crested Ibis, had believed to be extinct. It is a good thing that the Chinese government managed to breed it. Later, they sent a pair to the Korean government as a gift.

Besides the animals, Upo is also home to various plant species and varieties, such as Manchurian Wild Rice, Prickly Water Lily, Calamus or Sweet Flag, and Bullrush. They contribute to the dynamic, fresh, and green surroundings of the marsh.

How to Enjoy the Exploration?

Upo Marsh - How to Enjoy the Exploration

If you want to spend the day being engaged to nature, you can hike or use the bike. The walking trail can take you anywhere, starting from 30 minutes to 4 hours. If you use the bike, it takes around 1 or 2 hours to explore the land. If you are thinking about camping there, be sure to get enough information before setting up your tent. If you are planning to hike or walk, make sure to plan ahead and prepare crucial things, like water, food, or insect repellent. You can also prepare rainwear, just in case.

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Reaching the Marsh

If you want to come to this area, you can use the bus or the train. Take the train heading to Miryang and then continue your trip by a bus heading to Changnyeong. The easier and faster track is to travel from Daegu to Changnyeong. Once you get off at the bus terminal, you should be able to find a bus that is directly going to the marsh. If you want to use a taxi, you can do it too but you will have to pay around 10,000 won.

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