7 Must-See Destinations to Explore in HongKong

Hongkong is a Special Administrative Region and independent from the mainland of China. One of the reasons people visit this city is for shopping. But, if you explore the whole archipelago including the surrounding islands and fishing villages, i.e. Kowloon and the New Territories, you will see the representation of ancient Chinese culture.

Visiting Hongkong is one of big and impressive cosmopolitan cities in the world. Even so, locals always proud of their ancient history and prefer to use Cantonese instead of Chinese in everyday conversation. As a first-time visitor, here are 7 places you must see when traveling to Hongkong:

1. The Peak

The Peak 1 1
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Situated 396 meters over the sea level, you will find the breathtaking view from Victoria Peak Tower. It is where you can see the whole city. Go there by taking the Peak Trem and be sure to not miss watching the laser and light show of Symphony of Lights at night from here.

2. A Walled Village

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As you know before Hongkong citizens are proud of their ancient history especially the ones living in the villages. That is why they maintain the heritage well which including defensive walls, ancestral halls and traditional dress among of villagers.

3. The Island of Lamma

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If you are looking for an escape, you can go to Lamma Island where the greenery jungle, deserted beaches and ramshackle villages are waiting. The rural attractions are great to be exploring on foot as no cars on the island.

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4. Street Markets

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Shopping is one of main reasons why people visit Hongkong. There are major supermarkets and 7-Elevens minimarkets on every corner and mall in the city. You may get too much of this such modern retreat and search for something different. Therefore, you should take some walks to the markets that sell almost everything and meet locals who do their daily shopping.

5. The Temples

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Just like in the mainland of China, temples also plays integral role in the life of Hong Kong citizens. There are many beautiful temples decorated with ancient Chinese motifs and designs. They are opened for public visit and often host major festivals worth to see.

6. Ocean Park

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Forget about Californian Disneyland because you will find Ocean Park which represents more about Hongkong. It is a great place to visit with kids. There are displays of educational and interactive sea creature. Take for example the futuristic jellyfish exhibition. You can also take the children enjoying the thrilling roller-coaster and rides.

7. Statue Square

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Statue Square used to be the center of British colonial power in Hong Kong. Though it is known as the Supreme Court today, you can still see the neo-classical LedCo building and other remaining examples of the past colonial architecture.

Can’t wait to pack the bag and travel to Hongkong? Well, the best time to go there is between October and December when the temperatures get comfortable and room rates are reasonable before the New Year’s celebration. It is also possible to take a short spring itinerary. But whenever you want to go, always use Airpaz website service to find the cheap flight tickets to stay on budget.

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