Travelling can be fun and exciting, and it can also give you a new experience. When you are traveling, it gives you a new insight and view of the world. That’s why travelling with the kids is good – in terms that it gives them insight and experience.

The problem with traveling, especially to another country, is that you need a passport. Kids under 16 years old need to apply for the passport themselves – accompanied by the adults as the guardian, of course. But how to get a passport for them? What is the overall process of the application? 

Collect the Documents

Collect the Documents

Make sure that you have all the documentation for passport application. First of all, you need the minor’s citizenship as proof. You need to present the certified and original birth certificate. A consular birth abroad reports certification of birth or a citizenship certificate is also applicable.

If you accompany the child, you need to show the evidence of legal guardianship. You can use the certified and original birth certificate (NOT the copy). In some countries, you need to show the proof of familial relationship – whether it is between parents and their children or the legal guardian and the kids. An adoption decree, a custody or divorce decree, or a foreign birth certificate is accepted.

Besides the documents proving the familial relationship, parents must show the proof of identification – either with a passport, a driver’s license, a government employee ID, or a citizenship certificate.

And to finalize the process, you need to make copies for every identification piece that you have –for both your kids and yourself. When you go to the immigration office, you need to bring the originals as well as the copies. The officials may need to see the originals to see whether they are authentic or not (of course they will return those originals to you), but they will need the copies to process the application.

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Apply and the Required Procedures

Your kids need to apply in person – accompanied by adults as the guardian. You (or both the parents) need to accompany the kids for the passport application. But if you can’t go, there is a consent form that needs fulfilling. This consent form is crucial for the application. If you come to the office without one, you will likely be denied.

Fill out the Form

Kids need to fill out their form, so let them fill it out by themselves. But those who haven’t reached the school-age may have one of their parents fill out the form. In some countries, the forms can be filled out online. In some, however, the forms have to be filled in manually – with your handwriting. Make sure that you have filled out the forms completely and then present everything (the form, the copies, etc) to the officials.

Let them check everything. If they are sure that the documents are valid and the form is correctly filled, then you may proceed. If not, they will point out which you do wrong and you will have to re-do the process.

Keep in mind that an interview is sometimes needed when the officials think that they need to have extra information regarding the use and the purpose of the passport. If you have nothing to hide, just go through with this interview section. Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine.

Pay It

Once the officials go through the application and they have done some paperwork – and some reports – then you will be asked to pay for the passport. The cost can range between countries. In America, it costs around $80. In Indonesia, the cost is around $40 – more or less. Depending on the country you’re living in, it takes several days to weeks to process the passport. Once you have completed the payment, you can take the receipt to take the passport.

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Don’t forget to plan the needed documents before traveling with your kids. You should also manage everything ahead, including planning your flights with