The Top Visited Cities In The World

Traveling to one of the most visited cities in the world must be more exciting and give the best moments in your life. According to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, these are the top visited cities in the world.


bangkok // top visited cities

Bangkok was the most visited city in 2012 and 2013. However, the rank dropped in 2015. Then the number increased again in 2016 and 2017, reaching about 21.47 million of travelers that passed through the city. The exciting nightlife and culinary delicacies are the two main reasons of why travelers are attracted to visit Bangkok. For those who set their sights on Southeast Asia, the city becomes the starting and stopping point for travelers.


london // top visited cities

The capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest city in the country is the place where travelers can see many museums and amazing tourist attractions such as London Bridge, London Eye, the British Museums, etc. Mastercard reveals in 2017 that there are about 19.99 million travelers visit London. It becomes the most visited city in Europe and the second one in the world.

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The Next Honors

city // top visited cities

For the third, fourth, and fifth positions of the most visited cities in the world are Paris, Dubai and New York. The amounts of travelers are respectively 18.03 million, 15.27 million and 12.75 million. Among the cities, Dubai is the city that always moves constantly and it is predicted to be visited by more travelers as the Expo 2020 preparation.

Many event opportunities and the other main drivers of the economy are predicted to improve the travel world position. Dubai is the number one visited city for international overnight travelers. Meanwhile, Istanbul is the eighth most visited city in the world. It is one of the best starting points to travel around Europe, North Africa, and Asia for the cheaper international flights.

Destinations that are Up and Coming

map // top visited cities

On the other hand, the cities that are promising tourism growth according to MasterCard are Osaka, Chengdu, Abu Dhabi, Colombo, and Sri Lanka. It is because of the increase in travelers from the neighboring countries significantly. Besides, the cities also have great development of tourism, such as the reconstruction from the civil war in Sri Lanka and the international tourism increasing in China.

Those are the top countries that are most visited in the world. You must visit one of them to make great experiences of traveling in your life. When you are in search of flight tickets, visit Airpaz which provides many flight options every day. It also features Price Alert that will send notifications to you when cheap flights are available.


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