The Unique and Instagramable Bali Ice Cream World

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The wet season in Indonesia occurs between October and April. As it is about to end, you should start packing your stuff for vacation. You must have waited for this moment to visit one of the tropical counties in Southeast Asia. Be it for business trip or pleasure gateway, this country has plenty of attractions that you can visit during the dry season, from May to November. So have you decided where to go?

Introducing Ice Cream World in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. Both local and foreign tourists have known this place much well, especially its beaches. If you love outdoor activities a lot, the nearest beach can offer you various activities like sunbathing, swimming and surfing. You can spend a day long here until the sunset.


Do you prefer a city break, especially when the vacation time is too short to explore the whole island? Do not worry. You can keep a list of things to do, even it is just to visit the Bali province’ capital, Denpasar.

Ice Cream World now has been officially opened in Bali since February 13th, 2018. It is a cafe that serves a special menu that will spoil the ice cream and gelato lovers. Located at Ngurah Rai Bypass Street No. 553, Denpasar, Ice Cream World offers you more than just a place where you can enjoy delicious and tempting ice cream which will refresh your throat especially when the weather is hot during the dry season.

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It also has some unique and colorful themed rooms. There are 8 themes, including beach, rice ball pool, banana, ice cream stick, ice cream house, and M&M candy pool. You can choose the favorite themes to take selfies for your Instagram or join the photo contests held every month with various prizes offered like ice cream vouchers, entry tickets, and even money.


Ice Cream World opens from 10 am until 9 pm. It is great to go there during the day to escape the tropical sunshine heat and hot weather. You will only need to pay IDR100.000 for adults and IDR50.000 for children. And the entry ticket has included the ice cream or gelato treat. If you just come for the delicious ice cream and gelato without entering the mini photo studios, you can have it from IDR 25.000 – 28.000 for two cups or cones. But do not forget to buy the souvenirs starting from IDR 25.000 to IDR 250.000.

Ice Cream World visitors are mostly foreigners with visiting number about 20 people on the weekday and 100 people on weekend. Do not you want to be one of them? It is time to book your flight ticket then. Airpaz has listed the recommendations you can choose especially based on the price. Do not miss the exclusive promotions and discounts too, directly sent to your email for free.

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