The Unique Appeal of Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

You probably don’t know it that Vietnam has its own sand dunes but if you are going to Mui Ne, you will be pampered by the white and red sand dunes. They are unique. They are somewhat peaceful – when you go there, you have this sense of calm and serenity. There are some of the best times to visit the dunes that will give you the best memorable moments that you can’t find elsewhere.

About Mui Ne

This is actually a fishing village that is located on the southern coast of Vietnam. The village is beautiful and there is a unique sense of it. One of the unique characteristics of the village is the giant dunes- the White Dunes and the Red Dunes.

The White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

As the name suggests, the dunes are wide and expansive with the white hues of the sand. It looks like the Sahara Desert view –but instead of the camels, you can use the ATV or buggy to explore the place.

The best time to visit the dunes is during the sunrise. You should be able to take tons of beautiful and artistic photos during these hours. The sand is cool and soft so you can really make use of this –walk around bare-footed and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Once it reaches the midday, you can rent a buggy – only around VN$400,000 ($20) for half an hour. If you have more to spend, consider going on a tour with a hot air balloon. But you need to reserve a spot first before you can join the tour.

The place is great but it can be quite noisy during the day, especially if a lot of people are using the buggy. Don’t expect it to be peaceful or calm during the day. That’s why it is better to come to the dunes during sunrise.

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The Red Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes of Mui Ne The Red Sand Dunes 1 1

The dunes are smaller when compared to the others. They are located on the main coastal road so it is pretty easy to find them. Instead of red, the colours of the sands are more like red/brown or orange-ish tinge. Are they beautiful? Yes, absolutely! The only disadvantage is that you can find a lot of people and the place can be quite crowded.

Don’t be too surprised if you are chased by little kids trying to make you rent the sand boards. You only need to spend $1 to do so – that is if you like going down the hill and not afraid to fall.

Travelling to Mui Ne

There are some ways to reach Mui Ne. You need to reach Ho Chi Minh first by using Jetstar or Vietnam Airlines. From Ho Chi Minh, you can use:

  • The bus. It takes around 5 hours (even more) depending on the road and traffic. The price is around VN$130,000 or around $8.25. If you want to have more comfort, you’d better choose the sleeper bus with its bunk seats.
  • The train. From Ho Chi Minh, take the train heading to Phan Thiet. Afterwards, continue by a taxi to Mui Ne – it takes around 20 kilometres to reach the area. In the event that you can’t find any available train to Phan Thiet, choose the one heading to Binh Thuan, which is 40 kilometres away from Mui Ne.
  • A taxi. If you don’t mind spending more, you can use a taxi from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne that will cost you VN$2,000,000 (around $128). The standard price is VN$3,000,000 ($190) but if you can bargain, you can get around VN$2,200,000 ($140).

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