The Unique Appeal of Tokyo Imperial Palace – and How to Explore the Place

Some places have their own appeal, simply because the important people or the ruler of a country live on the premises. The same thing also happens to the Japanese royal family. A lot of tourists are curious about Tokyo Imperial Palace because it is the home of the royal family. Despite the limited access, you can still gain access to the area and explore around. Coming to the special spot somehow has its own unique feeling and atmosphere. There is a sense of elegance and royalty to the premises – even though you don’t come to the main building and witness their life from close proximity.

History of the Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace - History of the Palace

In the past, the site where the palace is located was the place where Edo Castle was constructed. In the past, the castle was a place where Tokugawa Shogun resided. When the shogunate was overthrown, the imperial residence was moved to Tokyo from Kyoto. The palace as constructed in 1888 but it was destroyed during World War II. It was then rebuilt again with the same design.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Exploration

Tokyo Imperial Palace - Tokyo Imperial Palace Exploration

You aren’t the only one curious about the palace. Unfortunately, the main area isn’t open or accessible to the public. However, the main ground will be open for public on two special events within a year. On the 2nd of January, where the New Year Greetings, and on the 23rd of December, which is the birthday date of the emperor, the ground will be available for a visit – but only within a limited period of time and with the careful guard.

If you want to explore the grounds, you can always join the tour. It is available all year long. Keep in mind, though, that the tour won’t enter any building or whatsoever. The 75 minutes tour will take you around the gardens only. You will be taken to the East Gardens that covers 21 hectares of area. If you want to access it from Kitanomaru Park, you can do it. Then, you will be taken to the Outer Grounds which is located a bit lower. The entrance gate is situated in Marunouchi District, not far from Tokyo Station.

Here are some things that you should know about the tour:

  • You must reserve a spot first before taking part in the tour
  • The tour is available in Japanese and English
  • The tour is available every day at 10 AM and 1 PM, but the service is closed on Mondays and Sundays
  • The tour is free so you don’t need to pay anything

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How to Get to the Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace - How to Get to the Palace

If you are coming from Tokyo Station, you can reach the palace on foot. It only takes 10 minutes from Marunouchi Central Exit to Gyoko-Dori destination. Continue and head to Wadakura-mon Gate. From the Station, make sure to get out from Marunouchi Exit and not the Yaesu.

If you are interested in the tour, go to Kikyo-mon Gate. It is easy to reach from Otemachi Station or Nijubashi Station through Otemon Gate. It only takes 10 minutes to walk. If you come from Tokyo Station, it takes 15 minutes to walk.

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If you are interested in exploring the northern area, go to the Science Museum and Nippon Budokan from Kudanshita Station. If you get off at Takebashi Station, you can head to Modern Art National Museum.

Japan has its own appeal and beauty – not to mention that there are tons of interesting and unique places to visit. If you want to go there for your next vacation, make sure to prepare everything from now. Do your research and make reservations. Go to Airpaz to find the best deals on flights, such as Singapore Airlines or Air Asia. If you plan everything carefully now, your next trip should be smooth and easy.


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