The Unique Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Do you believe that you can actually climb and go over the rainbow? It may seem impossible for us, but it is actually possible if you come to Peru and hike the so-called Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Yes, the mountain is real. If you browse the internet, you will see a different mix of shades on the mountain, earning its title. How do you go there and what can you do once you are there?

Peru’s Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain - Peru's Mountain of Rainbow

The mountain is called Vinicunca, which means Seven Colors Mountain (Montaña de Siete Colores). It is situated in the Cusco region in the Andes. The only way to reach the mountain is by car or by driving – which takes around 3 hours from Cusco. And your struggle won’t stop there. You still need to hike up for around 6 miles. Once you are there, you will be presented with a breathtaking view with so many colours dancing in front of your eyes. It is the sands that have the colours, so when the wind blows it (either gently or hard), it gives out a visual effect as if the sand is moving or dancing.

Despite the unusual and mind-blowing view, the trip is quite challenging. Can beginner hikers do it? It’s unlikely so. The track is hard. Even for the advanced hikers, it still takes a lot of preparation and checking to make sure that they can really hike the mountain smoothly with as few obstacles as possible.

Don’t be easily fooled by the many pictures on the internet. They look bold and vibrant as if the colours were strong. Although the colours aren’t dull either, the real colours on the mountain aren’t as bold as the ones on the pictures. They are colourful but with a more natural flair. It is a really nice view (and experience) when you see it by yourself.

What causes the unique phenomenon in Rainbow Mountain? Well, the mountain was covered in ice and when it started to melt, the water was mixing with the minerals (from the ground) and it turned the soil to change in many colours. Red is formed when the water was mixing with the rust mixture. Yellow is the mixture with iron sulfide. Purple is from oxidized limonite (goethite) and green is from chlorite.

Enjoying the Trip

Rainbow Mountain - Enjoying the Trip

If you decide to come to the mountain, make sure to plan everything carefully, especially when it is related to the weather. You want to come to Rainbow Mountain when it is not raining or snowing. Snow or rain will make the hike harder and they will also make the colours duller. However, going there during a super sunny day won’t result in a good photo either – mostly because of the excess light. So, what would be the best time, then? Choose the months when it is sunny and go there in the morning. The best time would be right before sunset or after sunrise.

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Don’t forget to be prepared, especially for different kinds of weather. Wear solid and suitable shoes special for hiking. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, wear sunscreen, bring layered of clothes, waterproof jacket, and gloves. If you want to go to the mountain, you can come to Cusco. There are some flights available for the destination. Then, you can continue your trip by renting a car.

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