Things to Do in Penang Hill to Refresh Your Mind!

For those who need to find a perfect place to cool down and relax in Penang, then Penang Hill in Malaysia can be the choice. Also well-known as Bukit Bendera, the 2723 feet hill provides kinds of attractions that can make local and international tourists enjoy their vacation.The serene and cool atmosphere of the hill is commonly wanted by the travelers to get relaxed and rejuvenated from the busy and hot of Georgetown City. You can choose to ride the funicular train or hiking to the top of the hill while enjoying the nice Penang Hill weather, beautiful view and kinds of animals you can see as long as the way.

Penang Hill In Malaysia

Penang Hill, Malaysia

Most people who visit Penang Hill Malaysia must want to get the hill’s peak.

In addition, there are kinds of other things to do there:

• Reach the peak by riding the funicular train with its world’s steepest tunnel track; 27.9 degrees. It only needs about 15 minutes to reach 2,723 feet of Penang Hill height by train.

• See the historical and religious landmarks, such as the oldest hill station in Southeast Asia established since the 1700s, architectures of British colonial, 1789 Bel Retiro Bungalow, Hill Mosque, Thirumurugan Hindu Temple, and much more.

• Enjoy the beautiful view of colorful flowers and green vegetation. See the ancient cycads that growth since the Jurassic period and kinds of local animals, bird sanctuary, and much more.

• Enjoy Arabica coffee in Kopi Hutan outdoor café that offers the Hill’s beautiful forest view.

• Penang Hill night view to the gorgeous Georgetown City sky view.

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Penang Hill Entrance Fee


To get onto the hill’s peak by the Penang Hill Train, the standard ticket for adult and senior is RM30, while the My Card holders only need to pay RM 8 for adult and RM 4 for seniors. For children and students, the tickets are RM 15 and only RM 4 for the My Card holders. If you come with your family, it will be cheaper to choose family packages (RM 65 – RM 75) based on how many your family members are. The price is only RM 17 – RM 19 for My Card holders. Penang Hill complimentary fee is given for disables.

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