Here is Everything to Know About Tel Aviv Airport Terminals

One of the important things that you have to do to easily navigate the airport by yourself is to understand the airport terminal.

For you not to get lost on your trip to Tel Aviv, here are all the things you should know about the Tel Aviv Airport Terminal.

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals
Tel Aviv Airport Terminals / Freepik

How do I know which one is the TLV Airport terminal that matches my airlines?

You should check your boarding pass because you can find information about your flight terminal there.

You can also check via internet search engine using your airline and flight number info. There will be flight details, including departure and arrival terminals.

How many terminals does Tel Aviv Airport have? Basically, TLV Airport has two terminals, namely terminal 1 and terminal 3.

Yes, you’re not reading it wrong. There’s no terminal 2 in Tel Aviv International Airport.

Actually, in 1969 Terminal 2 was inaugurated and functioned to serve domestic flights. However, in the 1990s, there was an increase in traffic.

As a result, part of Terminal 2’s space was transferred to Terminal 1 so that it could accommodate more domestic passenger services.

And then, starting from February 2007, with the newly opened Terminal 3, Terminal 2 is no longer operationed and officially demolished.

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals 1

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals 1
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Before Terminal 3 was built, Tel Aviv Airport terminal 1 (T1) was the main building of the airport.

The walls of the public hall are decorated with paintings of the land and mountains of Israel.

Another unique thing about this terminal lies in the Departure and Arrival Halls. Those two parts have styles that seem to contradict each other.

The Arrivals hall has an urban style, while the Departure Hall has a relaxing holiday vibe.

Regarding flights and passengers, Terminal 1 manages domestic flights such as to and from Eilat.

It also operates for European low-cost flights such as RyanAir, easyJet, WizzAir, and many others.

Moving on, what facilities and services are available in Terminal 1? They are as follows:

Fattal Lounge

Fattal Terminal is a longues available for passengers in Terminal 1. To enjoy your time in this lounge, you have to purchase your pass first.

After that, you are welcomed to experience many kinds  of services such as Flight monitors, magazines, Wifi, newspapers and TV.

Besides those services, the lounge also offers drinks, snacks and premium food. Meanwhile, conference rooms and private rooms are available upon payments.


There are many services you can find at Terminal 1 such as ATMs, fast-food outlets, duty-free shops, a mother and child room, and children’s play area.

Opposite the parking lot, there is a police station as well.

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals 3

Tel Aviv Airport Terminals 3
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Tel Aviv Airport Terminal 3 (T3) was officially operated in 2004. This terminal replaces Terminal 1 in handling international flights to and from abroad.

Currently, Terminal 3 becomes the main terminal at Ben Gurion Airport.

After undergoing a major overhaul, Terminal 3 today has 4 floors with their respective functions, including:

  • S, the floor connected to the train station
  • G, the ground floor where passengers arrive
  • The 2nd level, a floor connected to public transportation
  • The 3rd level, the departure floor for passengers

Meanwhile, here is list of facilities & services you can find in Terminal 3, such as:


There are several Tel Aviv Terminal Lounges in T3 available in various services. Here are some of the lounges in Terminal 3, including:

Dan Lounge

And there are lounges in two locations, namely Concourse B and Concourse C.

Both offer services that are not much different, such as snacks, Wifi, Flight monitors, non-smoking areas, and so on.

Then, what is the difference between the two? And the Lounge located in Concourse C is open for 24 hours while the lounge in Concourse B is only open from 1pm to 8am.

Dan Plus Lounge

This exclusive lounge is only open 3 hours before the first and last departure. It’s also within security.

King David Lounge

There are two available options for this lounge, namely business first and business class.

The locations of the two are close together, which is opposite Gate D1 and D2.

Each also offers slightly more complete services than the previous two lounges such as spa and telephone.


Unlike Terminal 1, services in Terminal 3 can be easily found. Here are some services you can found while exploring Terminal 3:

  • shopping mall
  • currency exchange
  • synagogues
  • duty-free stores
  • ATMs
  • restaurants
  • post office, and many others

Inter-terminal Transport 

Inter-terminal Transport
Inter-terminal Transport / Freepik

You can transfer between two terminals with a shuttle bus. It is free and operates 24 hours a day.

Still, keep in mind that the bus runs every 15 minutes and don’t forget to check the Tel Aviv Airport Terminal Map to find out where the bus park is. 

For more information about this matter, you may need to consult the airport staff or related professionals with knowledge in this matter.

In conclusion, getting a better understanding about everything related to the airport you visit will help a lot.

Is there any addition about Tel Aviv Airport Terminal you already know? You can get more references about airports and flights through Airpaz. Try it!


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