Things to Buy in Singapore for Tourists

When you are travelling, you want to bring home something unique – something that has become the signature memento of the trip. The same thing also happens when you are travelling to Singapore. You want to buy souvenirs that have ‘Singapore’ all over it – not written in a sense, but they represent the country. When people see it, they immediately know Things to Buy in Singapore, and not anywhere else.

Things to Buy in Singapore

Things to Buy in Singapore, Guide for Tourists

Bakkwa or BBQ Meat

This is basically the edible gift that is made from either beef or pork – the choice is yours. The meat is sliced and marinated in soy sauce, spices, and sugar, and then grilled over charcoal. This is a popular gift that is often given during Chinese New Year event, but it is also given as a travelling gift. The price starts at around S$ 45 per kilogram. You can find them at Lim Chee Guan stores, Kim Hock Guan stores, Kim Joo Guan stores, and Fragrance Foodstuff stores.


Do you know what Singapore’s national flower is? It’s the orchid. And it so happens that you can find perfumes with orchid infusion all over the country. There are different scents and types based on the orchid varieties. The bottles are elegant and classy, and the fragrances are all nice. And most of them are coming with unique names too, such as One Degree North, Vanda 1981, Orchids by the Bay, and Aranda 1965. A sniff of them will bring back the memory – not to mention that you can pamper your loved ones if you give the perfumes to them.

Depending on the size, the price may vary from $28 to $168. They can be found at Sentosa Fun Shops, Marina Bay Cruise Center, Isetan, and Singapore Visitor Center.

Clothes and Garments

Singapore - Clothes and Garments

One of the most popular options is Singapore specific garments with theme-specific options. Temasek Clothings is one of the brands included within these specific products. Since they are generally made by the local businesses, they are quite affordable. The products from Temasek Clothing have the signature style of including punny and funny prints. You should be able to find them in most malls in Suntec City and Orchard Gateway.

Another good brand is A Good Citizen, which is known for the satirical Singapore theme. The design is cute and funny, and it is so ‘Singapore’! Go to Pearl’s Hill Terrace if you want to see the manufacturing process as well as buying the products. But if you want to buy a bulk of shirts, you should go to Chinatown. You will find tons of cheap shirts with various designs – you can still bargain for them!

Kaya – Coconut Jam

The country’s national breakfast is Kaya toast, filled with kaya and butter. Kaya itself is made from pandan leaves, eggs, coconut milk, and sugar. You can use the jam on toasts, cakes, and also desserts. Finding one is pretty easy, almost at supermarkets all over Singapore, Changi airport shops, or Ya Kun Kaya shops. A jar of this jam costs between S$5 S$10.

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Miniature Merlion Souvenirs

Singapore - Miniature Merlion Souvenirs

Merlion, or the creature with a fish body and lion head, is the icon of Singapore. The original name of Singapore was Singapura, meaning lion city. The lion head represents the name. The fish body, on the other hand, represents the country’s origin as the fishing village.

Finding the souvenirs is fairly easy because they will be available in many shops. The products are quite various, such as snow globes, lighters, coasters, fridge magnets, can openers, key chains, cigarette boxes, and even Merlion statuettes. The price starts at around S$2 a piece.

You will surely enjoy a lot of Things to Buy in Singapore. Want to plan a trip to Singapore? Ask for help from Airpaz to plan the flight schedules and other arrangements.

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