Exploring Ko Phai Island Pattaya: 3 Things to Do

If you go to Thailand just because of the famous Pattaya, then you must not lose chances to visit the surrounding islands including ko Phai island. This small island is inhabited and travellers are not allowed to stay overnight.

You must bring your own food and water if you want to explore ko Phai island Pattaya. Although you can’t stay to see the sunset or tomorrow sunrise, you can have a lot more fun to do at noon when visiting this island, like scuba diving.

Ko Phai Island Pattaya

Ko Phai island

Ko Phai Island Attractions
Ko Phai island Thailand means Bamboo Island in Thai. It is the biggest inhabited island in Mu Ko Phai. It is a remote and idyllic tourism spot but still reachable from the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. This island may not always open for tourists because being used by the Thai military for training exercises. However, when it is possible to reach the location, here are two main attractions you can enjoy:

The fine weather and tranquil shallow bay allow tourists to enjoy many water activities, including snorkelling. You can travel alone or join the tour on a boat that carries 20 to 50 people.

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scuba diving
Enjoy the diving experience to see the vintage shipwreck owned by Royal Thai Navy which sank in January 2003. The ship was used within the World War II and intentionally laid to rest in the 30-meter of water depth of ko Phai island.

Entrance Fee
A trip organizer can help you arrange your trip to ko Phai island Thailand. You are allowed to choose which water spot to enter. Just do not forget to pay 400 Baht for the entrance fee to the National Park when visiting the island.

How to Go Ko Phai Island
The main transport to this island is a long tail boat. It takes a least an hour to reach the island, depending on the sea condition of course. The trip organizer will take you from Ko Phi Phi Don to ko Phai island with the transport fee for 1500 Bhat per person.

You can even find a more luxurious trip for half or full day exploration plan by a VIP ko Phai Island Thailand speedboat service. Book it online to save the seat as a remote white sanded beach along with its snorkelling and scuba diving fun is what most anticipating activities by tourists. Start the vacation plan to ko Phai island Pattaya right from your seat by browsing Airpaz official website to book the flight tickets.

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